Hardcore Fork in the Road

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So here I am. I have gotten to chapter 4 with no deaths. My RIG is completely upgraded, my kinesis and stasis are as well and I am rolling with some cash and a ton of health items and ammo. 
Should I save now? 
Edit: Playing on PS3

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you get an extra save on the xbox 360, don't know if that applies....

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@Akeldama: Nooooooooooo. Don't save until at least Chapter 8. Or just use the disc swap glitch as a checkpoint and don;t save till Chapter 10.
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I was told not to save until after disc 2, since you get a free save when you swap discs. 

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@XII_Sniper:  @Lukeweizer:  @blacklabeldomm: I'm assuming he is playing on the PS3 which doesn't have 2 discs... 
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@RE_Player92: Then I'd save before you re-align the mirrors in Chapter 8 (?).

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