How many chapters are in this thing?

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What that said, up there.

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15, I believe, totaling 8-12 hours of gameplay depending on how slow you take things. Which, if I'm not mistaken, that's less chapters than the first one but not quite as lengthy.

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@believer258: First one had 12 chapters, so 2 is a little longer than the first.

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@Kyelb22 said:

@believer258: First one had 12 chapters, so 2 is a little longer than the first.

It took me nearly 11 hours to beat Dead Space 1. It took me a little under 8 to beat 2. More chapter numbers doesn't necessarily make a longer game.

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Not enough is the only correct answer. Fucking love me some Dead Space.

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I'm also playing through it. Bought new the special edition at $15.

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I'm too fucking scared to play more than like 15 minutes at a time. I'm on chapter 3 though and only about an hour and a half in. 15 minutes a day, though, and this game will last me forever. I also like to play MP on the 360.

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Took me 12 hours to complete DS1 only 6 for DS2.

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Dead Space gives me wood.

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