so I just brought the bundle from steam...

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the time I reach the first store there's like a truck load of armor and 2~3 same weapons with different name like forged and bloody or something, and they all cost $0:o WTH happened? did the game install corruped or something?

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From what I remember, the game had paid DLC on consoles, but they added all of it for free on PC; which obviously sounds lovely in theory, but using any of those items is really tantamount to cheating, since everything is available from the get go, and those weapons are much better than anything you find the game.

Basically, just completely ignore them - and donot put them into storage, that will cause the game to glitch out in some nasty ways.

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Just got this, too. Good to know, I guess. Can't really stand it when DLC does that.

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If I'm not mistaken, there's a way to turn DLC off, isn't there?

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