Awakened (Expansion) coming next month

#1 Posted by XenoNick (1485 posts) -

Just read this over at Xbox 360 AchievementsDead Space 3 isn't out here in the UK yet and after seeing the quick look I decided to wait a while before picking this up. I dunno if this announcement is EA scared that fans wont enjoy the game or not but I think this is pretty insane. I'm feeling more and more put off by Dead Space 3, which sucks as I loved 1 & 2.

#2 Posted by OfficeGamer (1086 posts) -

The right time to release an expansion is 2 days later not one month later, silly EA.

#3 Posted by Morningstar (2249 posts) -

They say the its the darkest chapter in the series so far. So if you want to see that, shell out another 10 bucks.

#4 Posted by project343 (2838 posts) -

Those invasive microtransactions (regardless of how necessary or unnecessary they are to the core experience) have officially signed me off of this series. What's a little DLC on top of it?

#5 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2504 posts) -

If it’s like the DLC for DS2, that would be alright, completely new characters to play as, different storyline. I had a good time with Severed, although it was on the short side.

I haven't read the article in the OP tho, so that may point to something otherwise.

#6 Posted by Oldirtybearon (4986 posts) -

"Say why don't we do a story add-on for Dead Space 3? People seemed to really like Severed."

"Sure, let's do it."

-> Announcement is made, Internet explodes with hate <-

#7 Posted by GnsDemon (115 posts) -

damnit I 100% Dead Space 2 and even downloaded that DLC and just never finished it.

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