Chapter 7 possible resource farming spot

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Only done this a couple of times but it's been in the same spot each time. No spoilers here aside from this is after the shuttle is together but before you leave. Instead of leaving in the shuttle, go outside from the bench/shuttle doors to the right side of the same structure looking at the area where the 3 satellites are at, at the top of this structure (looks like a huge blue paint/window section) there should be a spot on the roof where the scavenge bot wants to go looking for things. Wait 10 min & repeat.

Guessing that the spot is inside for new game+ but from the outside it just never stops collecting from there & great way early on to get enough upgrades for the suit & enough ration seals for the higher end gear kits. GLHB!

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Wait 10 min & repeat.

Sounds fun

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