Dead Space 3 and microtransactions?

#1 Posted by TheBarkingCat (19 posts) -

I suppose given all the other missteps the game is making, this should come as no surprise.

#2 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (866 posts) -

As long as they are avoidable and aren't part of a play to win model then i dont really care.

#3 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

This does not surprise me at all.

#4 Posted by PerryVandell (2203 posts) -

I'll judge the game when I play it myself, but this is just EA doing what EA does. Remember 2008 when EA announced they were doing the exact same thing in Battlefield: Bad Company. As I recall, people gave a fit over it and EA reversed their decision.

It might be gross, but I'm fine with EA offering micro transactions as an option so long that the game isn't a laborious chore without it. Guess we'll see in February.

#5 Posted by Village_Guy (2817 posts) -

Ouch. It will probably won't be a necessity, but if you want the best weapons in the game I could totally see them making you pay for it.

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I guess the horrible trend of in-app payments for games that aren't free in the first place is soon to be ubiquitous and not just mobile-based.

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I didn't care in mass effect and I don't care now. As long as I can get everything without spending real world money I am fine with that. And I am curious about what you consider "other missteps" since this game isn't out and you would be basing your opinion off of a small gameplay demo.

#8 Posted by TheBarkingCat (19 posts) -

@david3cm: I base it on the gameplay demos and developer interviews that I have come across. I realize that it is unrealistic to expect any game series to cater to only the things that I like about them and to ignore those features that I dislike, but I am selfish when it comes to things that I like. This colors my opinion heavily, and the things that I consider "missteps" could be incentives to draw in new players to the franchise. It's all opinion.

I consider the move towards a more action oriented and coop focused experience to be missteps. You can break those down into numerous "other missteps". But like I said, it's all opinion, and I have a narrow view of what I want to see in a Dead Space game. I will still play it, and it may prove my apprehension misplaced.

As far as the microtransactions go, I find it gross simply because of the coop. If you decide to play with someone else, who is to say that they didn't spend real world money to kit themselves out with something that is overpowered, making for a less than stellar experience playing with them. If they are cutting through enemies with little effort, it cheapens your experience. In a single player game, if a company wants to sell high end gear, then it is up to the player to decide if they want that to alter the experience, but playing coop with someone that has purchased overpowered gear takes that choice away from you.

Probably petty, but I stand by it.

#9 Posted by Sander (425 posts) -

@Imsorrymsjackson said:

As long as they are avoidable and aren't part of a play to win model then i dont really care.

But how can you win if you don't play?

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Well the future trends really are coming fast... I like to have the best experience with my games, so I won't support it.

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@Sander said:

@Imsorrymsjackson said:

As long as they are avoidable and aren't part of a play to win model then i dont really care.

But how can you win if you don't play?


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@Imsorrymsjackson said:

As long as they are avoidable and aren't part of a play to win model then i dont really care.

I wish I felt that way too, but just seeing little dollar signs next to everything in game and having menus asking me to put in my credit card information while I play takes me out of the game completely.

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Not surprising considering Dante's Inferno had them. Sad though as these decisions do influence the game design even a tiny bit.

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Hasn't this always been in Dead Space? I remember the fist one having DLC unlocks.

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I've never really seen the issue with paid unlocks in single player games. Even going back to when the Need for Speed games started doing it years ago, I didn't see why people were in such an uproar. If someone else wants to pay to unlock something in their single player game, instead of playing through the game, why is that a big deal?

Hell, as long as the game is balanced, I don't even care about it being an option in multiplayer.

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EA happens.

#18 Posted by Viking_Funeral (2200 posts) -

I'm not surprised. When I saw it in Mass Effect 3, I knew that they would try to see how far they could take it.

It would be EA to try this too, wouldn't it? Sheesh.

#19 Posted by videogamesarenotart (122 posts) -

At what point are people going to start calling out publishers on this kind of crap? Is the future of gaming going to be commercial breaks after boss fights? Seriously, instead of "sexism in video games" articles they should start focusing on things like this because its just going to get worse if nobody does something about it.

#20 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6370 posts) -

This is the market now unfortunately. I just hope these kinds of business practices don't take over the console market completely.

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