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#51 Posted by Klei (1798 posts) -

@Voxel said:

I was pretty impressed by the demo, largely because I was disappointed when I saw that there was combat vs human enemies. I still don't think Dead Space needs that, but what I played in the demo was fine. The chaos that ensued when Necromorphs came into the firefight and starting attacking both sides was a pretty cool moment that we haven't seen in a Dead Space game before. I didn't find the open environments to be as scary as the interiors of the first two games, though they looked gorgeous (and the game still ran at 60 FPS on consoles, which is great). Assassin's Creed III taught me a lesson when it comes to buying games day 1 (which is to not do it in most cases). This won't be a day 1 purchase for me, but I'm still eager to play through it. Hopefully the game is still focused on encounters with Necromorphs and finds new ways to surprise the player, because I've gotten real good at identifying Dead Space monster closets in the other two games.

I assume you're talking about quality standards? EA's and especially Visceral are much higher than Ubisoft. You shouldn't fear.

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#52 Posted by NaDannMaGoGo (338 posts) -

I've only seen like 15minutes from the Gamegrumps video, which I had to turn off because those guys can be fucking awful to watch when they just talk random shit that often times isn't even funny while in the meantime playing beyond awful, often not even progressing.

Either way from the few parts that I have seen I was very disappointed.

First of all the setting just doesn't convey the Dead Space vibe to me very well, but it's okay, you cannot just repeat everything, I understand that. The snow effect on the boots for the walking animation looked surprisingly shitty, considering that Visceral does an otherwise great job in regards to the technical aspects. Now the real bummer is just how absolutely mediocre the scripted parts were. I don't know if this part is just for the demo but from that doesn't seem to be the case, looks like it'll be the real opening. If it's custom build for the demo that is understandable but it being part of the real game is just sad. It's the third part in the (main) series of Dead Space, cheaply scripted moments where a Necromorph will suddenly appear in front of you will not impress anyone. It's kind of disappointing to see that being the first thing you'll experience in the game, a bunch of cheap scares instead of some greater atmospheric buildup or just something other special. I mean the beginning of Dead Space 1 was great, the whole flight to the Ishimura to the first attack of the Necromorphs and your close escape. That just felt good. Dead Space 2 though already fell flat on that, too. I mean it started with "ACTION! DUDE; FUCKING RUN MAN. NECROMORPH MORPHING IN YOUR FACE OH JESUS RUN!" "oh wow i'm so scared man :|"

@ Mrsignerman44

All I want, is for the story to be as excellent as it was in Dead Space 2. I don't care if it's not scary, I just want this to feel like a good conclusion(?) to the series.

Hmm I thought the story/plot took a step back in comparison to Dead Space 1, that's pretty much my biggest issue with Dead Space 2. Nothing really interesting happened in Dead Space 2.

Either way, what we'll most certainly not get is a good conclusion to the series. I mean perhaps they'll slightly conclude Issac's story in this game or so but the series, nope. EA build this up to milk it, they'll expand it more and more. If I'm not mistaken they've pretty much already made clear that there's a lot more games to make within the franchise :/

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#53 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6893 posts) -

Oh,I'll to try it out. I didn't know there was demo available. I'll rent it regardless of what I hear about it closer to it's release.

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#54 Posted by Humanity (15851 posts) -

I'm with the rest of the folk that love the series and will be buying the game regardless but rather go in blind. I'll form an opinion on it when I play the retail product and demos usually aren't that great at representing the full package. It's a day one for me so don't want to ruin any surprises for myself.

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#55 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6893 posts) -

"Sigh". I tried the demo...... Hopefully it's not indicative of the larger game.I liked the crafting though. I'll still rent it.

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#56 Edited by NTM (9666 posts) -

Man, I really liked the demo. I'll say what I think the problems are so far. With the demo, the visuals don't seem to be quite as sharp as what we saw from the past two games, and for there being anti-aliasing, the shadows are bit jittery, but they're still good, and I think it'll be fixed in the final version. The whole weapons crafting system at first seems a bit too complex, and I still don't understand some of it, but I'll figure that out, and I don't like the sight attachment because it's permanently zoomed in, and I'd like to zoom and and out instead of it being stuck on zoomed, other than that, I really liked the shooting beside the fact that sometimes the enemy reactions are the same no matter where you shoot them in the body.

The final thing that I don't really like is how not only does the cover not help you since you can still easily be shot when facing humans, but by not having the option to switch over the shoulder from left to right, it makes it harder to get good shots on enemies. Other than that, I really, really liked it and I find it unfortunate people aren't enjoying it because it's no longer the horror they want. I'd go into specifics I really like about it, but maybe later. I'm going to go through the demo again. Furthermore though, you can tell that the demo is an amalgamation of moments taken out of it, because at first, you'll crash land on the planet with Ellie lost, and Isaac says "Ellie!? Ellie!" But just moments later in the demo, they're conversing as if nothing had happened.

I hope the small problems that I'm having in it are worked out in the final product, 'cause this is already shaping up to be a really good game to me. Oh, and something that I noticed, but only once. The very first bad guy that comes out and attacks you from the gusty snow, which I am actually standing near right now, the frame-rate dropped big time there; fortunately it didn't happen again throughout the demo. I was wishing I could fight that big-ass boss at the end before the title card came up. I have one more thing to say. To me, the first Dead Space was like Alien, Dead Space 2 was more like Aliens, and now, Dead Space 3 is like... The Thing. And that's really cool! It's just noticeably different, and the horror to me is different; though for some I can see why they wouldn't like it. It's less like "Oh shit, what's around the corner, what's around me!" And now it's more like "Oh shit, that's pretty disgusting. Get away from me." I don't know, I find both engaging, though I wouldn't consider Dead Space 3 to be 'scary' at all.

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#57 Posted by Turbyne (106 posts) -

For a sequel that seems awfully action focused the action feels weaker than it was in the first two games.

I didn't have much fun with the demo, I was kind of laughing with my friend over the whole thing.

You know, making terrible puns.

Like Dead Space 3 being so bad (More average, the game isn't agressively bad) it's scary.

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#58 Edited by Grissefar (2904 posts) -

Just played the PSN demo. Pretty bland and thoroughly unfun.

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#59 Edited by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

So it's... OK, I guess. Judging by the demo at least, it feels a lot more uninspired and rote, especially when it came to fighting against actual dudes. The cover system was kinda janky and the shooting just doesn't have that same amount of oompth against people, either. The atmosphere and the pacing is what really turns me off, though. Even though you can still play it solo, having Carter continually showing up here and there, alongside all of those Unitologist nutballs, completely defeats the strong sense of isolation and loneliness that the first Dead Space in particular achieved so well. The music wasn't as strong, either. The entire atmosphere just wasn't scary or unnerving in the slightest; in fact it wasn't even what I'd call ominous. Necromorphs are just household monsters now and they're about as intimidating as the Locust in Gears of War. During that drill set-piece they were actually kind of annoying and proved to be more of a nuisance that just kept getting in the way.

Still, the weapon crafting mechanic actually seems rather neat, the shooting itself is still pretty good, and I was surprised by how much I still enjoyed spam-stomping on corpses. So basically, if Dead Space was Alien, and Dead Space 2 was Aliens, then Dead Space 3 is undoubtedly the Alien: Resurrection of the lot. Perfectly competent, but eh... I'll no doubt get it down the line, though ironically enough I'll probably play it in coop since that looks like how this game is intended to be played, given the additional bombast and such.

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#60 Posted by Mustachio (268 posts) -

Part of what made the combat so satisfying in Dead Space was that, unless it was a boss or elite version of a necromorph, a limb took one hit to destroy. That meant you could actually strategize how and when you would conserve ammo, and you'd instantly be able to tell if you had enough in your plasma cutter to take them down normally, or if you'd have to switch weapons or improvise. Now not only is ammo universal, destroying any actual need to ever switch to a gun you might not use normally, but there are basic enemies that require multiple hits to even show any signs of damage. It's a strange irony that the previous two games were much better at the action part than their action-oriented little brother.

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#61 Posted by Hizang (9358 posts) -

Fuck this game comes out really soon, shit lots of games are coming out really soon.

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#62 Posted by Ninja_Welshman (578 posts) -

Played one game this afternoon and it just didn't feel like Dead Space to me. Sad, as I loved the first on.

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#63 Posted by Vexion (3 posts) -

Do you still need to sign up for the demo or is it to late?

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#64 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

Demo was fucking stupid and felt nothing like Dead Space. Why do companies feel the need to go for OMG ACTION over really amazing, unique atmosphere?

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#65 Posted by shivermetimbers (1306 posts) -

I played the demo and it was good, not great. I guess horror is seen by publishers as a niche that doesn't make great sales. Instead, we get a more Gears of War oriented experience, as people have already mentioned.

I can see this being more of an EA game than a Visceral game.

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#66 Posted by GunnerJensen (35 posts) -

Played it tonight and really enjoyed it. It'd be nice if the human enemies reacted a bit more to gunfire, but that's my only nitpick. The art and sound designs is once again top-notch, and the crafting system was quite intuitive.

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#67 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4106 posts) -

I really liked it, the audio design is still best in class, graphics are great. Remains to be seen how much of the scary they got rid of but so far I'm still really into picking it up.

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#68 Posted by SSully (5233 posts) -

The demo felt like the first two games, but constantly going with action. I guess this si fine, but it's not exactly why i come to the dead space games. The weapon crafting was cool, and there were some really interesting moments(the drill, specifically) but I think I will hold off on this until it gets cheaper.

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#69 Posted by MrHadouken (336 posts) -

I thought about downloading the demo, but that was at the time I was downloading the Metal Gear Rising demo and after playing that... yeah, fuck a bunch of dead space 3.

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#70 Edited by Dallas_Raines (2269 posts) -

You fight a drill.

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#71 Posted by Raven10 (2182 posts) -

Wasn't scary. Looked good. Crafting system was okay. Can't say we needed another third person shooter though. Hope there are still scary elements.

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#72 Posted by spartanlolz92 (520 posts) -

ill admit i wasnt that scared,and there seem to be alot more action. Given that its a demo and the fact that it took place during the day its understandable.

the controls still feel like deadspace and the crafting was awesome. also for those of you who said that it didnt feel like a deadspace game go into the weapon only portion and press the button. youll be reminded fairly quickly its dead space.

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#73 Edited by Seppli (11232 posts) -

Just did a solo and coop playthrough of the demo on PS3, and it's still Dead Space alright. Didn't quite have the same oomph of earlier iterations anymore, since I know what to expect from such a thing, but it was definitely fun. I built some shitty weapons, then built better ones. The dude I randomly teamed up with in coop likely did a couple of playthroughs, because his gun was crazy tricked out. He had like 15 blue dots coming out his gun, and a bad ass shotgun attachment to boost. Good stuff will happen in weapon crafting.

If I get Dead Space 3, which I likely will, then it'll be for PC, because I just can't handle 720p rendering anymore. It's just so... muddy. The sound design is awesome, as always. Looking forward to the reviews and such, but releases are stacked tight, and I'm not sure if it will really make the cut at release. The feeling of "been there, done that" is hard to shake on this one. Then again, drop-in/drop-out coop is hella elegant, and dem guns are fine. So who knows. Anything can happen.

P.S. Is it just me, or is the whole strategic dismemberment mechanic somewhat less *defined*, for lack of a better word? Like it doesn't require any precision anymore?

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#74 Posted by Sackmanjones (5409 posts) -

I thought the demo was pretty solid honestly. I'm sure there will most definitely be more of the dark, creepy corridor crawl from the first 2 games. They just wanted to show what's different about this on. As for the action, it honestly didn't feel any more than dead space 2. Horror with tense action can work perfectly fine if balanced correctly. I've only playd it on single player and that's all I plan to play on, at least for my first play through. I enjoy my single player experiences and Dead Spsce is a game I would like to play single player in, although the way they set up the. Co op seems very smart.

As for atmosphere I thought it was rather cool. I'm a huge fan of "The Thing" and the setting mixed with the great score really drew out the scene for me. There is potential for it to be a very creepy and unsettling environment. With all that said, I do agree that fighting humans should be set to minimum. If they are needed to tell the story than fine but that was easily the weakest part of the demo. I didn't play around with the weapon crafting too much but I did mess with it enough to know,it could be cool. I made a line gun attached to an assault rifle and that's pretty freakin cool. Micro transactions aside, that seems like a neat feature

The quality overall remains to be scene. I think people are absolutely ridiculous to write the game off from a very small vertical slice but its reasonable to be somewhat cautious. There's tons of potential in there, lets just hope they take advantage of it.

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#75 Posted by Luca717 (237 posts) -

i loved the first and second so im hoping the demo isnt complete shit. i dont know im happy hearing about universal ammo, it made the first and second so good to make sure you always knew your on hand resources in the mniddle of battle.

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#76 Posted by Glots (2690 posts) -

Loved Dead Space 1, reaaaaally loved Dead Space 2 and...well, now I'm also hoping that the demo isn't providing us the full picture of the final game. Didn't feel half as scary and athmospheric as the previous games and the action felt pretty bland when compared to the really sharp shooting of the second game. Like someone here pointed out, lacking hit reactions definetly didn't help with that. Also, like Seppli mentioned above, this has been one of the few games on consoles (PS3 in my case) where muddy visuals (reeeeally muddy at parts) have left me unimpressed, even if some outside visuals, like the lightning, were still hella good. Was also a bit bothered with the linear level design, which obviously wasn't a problem with previous games, since you were travelling through spaceship/station. In other words, I'm going for the pc-version in this case, if I'll end up buying the game.

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#77 Edited by evanbower (1247 posts) -

Demo was rouuggghhhh....

"A drill? There must be an off switch?"

"There is something yellow in the middle. I'll try and shoot it."

Also necromorphs are just popping out of the snow now, cause.... well, jump scares in the snow are hard but they're making the best of it?

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#78 Posted by Heltom92 (809 posts) -

I liked it, felt pretty similar to Dead Space 2, although Isaac does feel a bit more like a Gears soldier than an engineer these days.

Nothing really scary in the demo though, but then again I didn't really find the other 2 scary and they have been leaning more towards action since 2.

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#79 Posted by OmegaPirate (5642 posts) -

@evanbower said:

Demo was rouuggghhhh....

"A drill? There must be an off switch?"

"There is something yellow in the middle. I'll try and shoot it."

Also necromorphs are just popping out of the snow now, cause.... well, jump scares in the snow are hard but they're making the best of it?

Yeah the snow jump had me and my mate laughing for a solid 5 minutes seemed so utterly ludicrous.

I'm really torn on this demo, there's some really strange decision choices that totally kill any of the immersion going on. Initially walking out into the snow was pretty cool and struggling against the wind in a cinematic style was pretty well done. until i realised i could aim and basically walk at double speed through it all - totally killing any struggle that they may have been trying to imply.

The strategic dismemberment seemed really below par, I created a line gun weapon purely to see how effective taking individual limbs off would be and used the rotating plasma cutter in order to take off arms etc. no matter what i seemed to do to the guys all that happened was i ended up with a pair of trousers running at me with 3 tentacles coming out - I just can NOT feel threatened by s tentacle filled set of trousers running at me.

Also i could be wrong but there doesnt seem to be any quick turn anymore either? trying to do the two boss fights (courtyard and drill) it became really hard to turn and deal with necros on your six/ turn and nail the boss after a charge because there was no insta turn option. Whether i couldnt find the right button combo it could be my bad on this one, but relying on the laughably ineffective new combat roll was just stupid - he barely moves a metre when rolling (i get he's in a massive suit and all, but if it wouldnt make sense for him to try and roll in a suit that weighs several tons, don't put it in there, simple)

Also at one point in a cave a group of necromorph attacked me and after clearing them out i walked into a wall they had broke down - only for the violin shrill audio cue for them to burst out the wall to play for no god damned reason. I understand it's a demo and all but there just seemed to be an overall lack of polish with regards to triggers and environment believability that wasn't present in the other 2 games.

Getting shot at by enemies is never fun when you are relying on terrible 3rd person cover mechanic controls - reminded me a lot of the latter half of resi 5 (the worst half of resi 5) and i really hope they are not relying on this too much in the game.

Overall pretty fucking disappointed in the demo especially when even if i didnt like the action heavy direction they were going for with dead space 2, i could at least appreciate how well they managed to nail it in that game - this one just feels really half arsed.

One thing i did like were a couple of the vistas - the scene set where the base is revealed along with the audio cue was very well framed, as well as coming out of the base and seeing the hivemind skeletons against the sun - a nice vista for sure, i just wish that 5 minutes later it hadnt used that to basically recreate the end of the first dead space game.

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#80 Posted by MegaMagick (41 posts) -

I liked the Dead Space 3 demo..up until people started shooting at me with guns and i had to duck behind cover, huge RE 5 type bummer moment for me.

I also still don't know why i have to keep playing as Isaac Clarke, they really haven't developed his character in any way and i don't even know who/what he's supposed to be.

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#81 Posted by Jetpaction (87 posts) -

Such a change from the original Dead Space. Still loving that game, so much atmosphere and suspense in that one, compared to this Michael Bay edition. It was when EA was actually improving their image by investing in new IP's like Dead Space and Mirror's Edge. Here's hoping the new generation consoles will not be EA announcing Dead Space 4, Sims 4, Mass Effect 4, Battlefield 4 (oh wait...), Crysis 4 and Medal of Honor 3, but actually surprise us with a couple of new original titles...

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#82 Posted by Jedted (2869 posts) -

The demo was okay, I wish they gave use some kind of space based level though. I have to go back and play it with the classic aiming cause i did miss the laser sights from DS1 and 2.

I like the weapon crafting it makes me interested to see how many possible combinations you can make. As for the unified ammo, i was one of the players that ran around with just the plasma cutter because of the limited inventory space and the scarcity of power nodes so i kinda like this change.

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#83 Posted by JohnLocke (650 posts) -

I kind of like this demo, although I feel like this is more of a shooter with horror elements than a horror game with shooter elements.

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#84 Posted by OfficeGamer (1120 posts) -

@TheStandardToaster said:

the demo was underwhelming to me because of the atmosphere.... There wasn't any

Maybe Dead Space 3's innovative atmosphere is the lack of atmosphere!!!..........................

............................*inception horn*

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#85 Posted by RubberFactory (308 posts) -

The one thing that bothered me, more then anything else, was how inconsistent the sound mix was. Hopefully it's just a demo thing that will be fixed before release. Some sounds were extremely quiet, some were low quality and most importantly the directional sound was out of whack. Sounds that should be coming from the front speakers came out only in the rear. Other then that the demo seemed fine, less impressive then the previous 2 but I'll still play it eventually.

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