Dead Space 3 launch trailer.

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#51 Posted by spykereightsix (87 posts) -

The Dead Space series has probably been my favorite franchise of this generation, and yet I can't help but feel DS3 has gone off the rails. First it was the co-op, which I feel is unnecessary and potentially detracts away from the feeling of isolation they captured so well in DS1. Next it was the announcement of microtransactions, with the unbelievably lame excuse of attracting IOS and Android gamers. Who is going to believe that is the feature that is going to make someone put down their Letter Press and start playing DS3?! And now the release trailer is out and it represents nothing that this franchise has originally stood for? It wasn't scary or ominous; in fact, it reminded me of the old Halo 3 trailers. What happened to the creative direction here?

That said, the demo played moderately well with the exception of the human enemies bit, but I hesitate to place my pre-order now until the GB crew have had their say.

#52 Posted by Mnemoidian (1008 posts) -

@NTM: I know, that's why I said "scary" - never been much for scary games of movies... though, not sure what I'd say was an actual scary game - Amnesia?

Still, the Ishimura level in 2 was pretty well made, and was really tense :)

I've noticed there's a lot of people (elsewhere, mainly) who are having real issues with the choice of music. Wtf? That's an amazing choice for the trailer. Not a big fan of the the video-portion of the video, but I can live with it ;)

And I hope they pull off what they've said about the co-op, showing the players different things sounds pretty cool!

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