Did anybody from Dead Space 2 work on this game?

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She has heterochromia now, so yeah, it's artificial. It's a weird nitpick to make, considering the technology operated in this universe.

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Didn't they mention artificial or regrowing limbs or something in the original, in case one of the engineers had an accident?

I always figured that if Ellie were to return, she would have a fake eye of some sort. In fact, I thought it would be cool if Dead Space 3 had you play as her and you could use the eye as a sort of gadget for things, turn it into a sort of Metroidvania. Tell me that wouldn't be much better than what we've seen fucking awesome.

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That's just one of those things you can easily chalk up to ''it's the future/Sci-fi''.

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Yeah having a fake eye that looks pretty real isn't that weird for how advanced their tech is, or even a transplant. As long as they address it with a line of dialogue or something its fine.

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Like I said before there is a log in his bed stating they could only afford that eye.

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I completely forgot she loses her eye in DS2, it was kind of weird when i saw she has one green eye and one blue eye in this it didn't even occur to me!

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@The_Laughing_Man said:

@Sooty said:

Well this is weird: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_uRNEhM8Yo&feature=youtu.be&t=1m8s

Probably explained by the future being capable of eye transplants, but still.

There is a log right at the start that states its one the could afford. Meaning it was a money thing.


IGN guy probably feels like kind of a goof. Then again he works at IGN so he's probably numb to the feeling.

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