DS3 to have COOP?

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Could be alright, but that just is not what I love Dead Space for. I'm hoping for another great SP campaign.

#3 Posted by S0mewh4tD4m4ged (441 posts) -

I think its a good addition but at the same time will take away scare factor.

#4 Posted by ImaTreee (206 posts) -

As long as the coop is seprate from the sp mode

#5 Posted by JTB123 (1167 posts) -

Sounds pretty awesome, especially if you can still play it solo. Plasma cutter overhaul is intriguing but a little worrying, I think that weapon is the utmost personification of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" but maybe they're going to somehow make it even more amazing.

Really hoping to see this in some form at E3.

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If you read the article it says the coop is the same as the campaign, but with some differences. Not sure how much I like the differences. Looks like it'll still be better to play the game in SP than MP, since MP cuts out a whole part of the game- a very important part of the game, actually.

I'm just glad it's not another horde mode. Game companies are really overdoing that stupid gamemode.

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