I don't like horror games but i enjoyed the demo.

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I have not played any of the previous Dead Space games because i really didn't like the horror aspect of them. As Ryan has said before I can't bring myself to put whomever im controlling into a situation where bad shit is going to go down. However i have always liked everything else i have seen of Dead Space. The graphics, Setting, The look of the armor, weapons and the crafting and dismemberment in the combat have always held a certain appeal to me.

So i decided to download the demo expecting to get freaked out by it and that would be that. However it didn't freak me out at all, in fact i really liked it. So i put it to the people who have played the full game. How much more scary is the full game compared to what's in the demo? If it keeps it at the same level then i would totally be down with playing it. I know im probably exactly the type of person that people who like DS1 probably hate because im part of the audience they made the changes for, But i guess it worked right?

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I'm not surprised as this is an action game rather than a mix of that and horror like the first and somewhat the second.

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I say go back play dead space 2 it's a even mix of horror and action.

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There seems to be barely any horror, and when they throw the exact same "jump scares" at you room after room after room you start saying to yourself "Oh, another one bust through the vent" then one/two shot it by firing almost anywhere into it. The dismemberment stuff doesn't even seem important after you've crafted a pretty good gun. It's barely a horror game, not a single enemy in the game really feels like a threat. I remember being terrified of the raptor-things in DS2, now they're pretty comical. As an action game it feels good to shoot, but so many of the encounters are getting trapped in a large square room and just shooting at enemies till they stop coming out of the walls which becomes really, really monotonous.

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