PC port not as bad as you think

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Like a lot of people, I was very worried/pissed off when I heard about the lazy port job that Dead Space 3 is suppose to have had. Having checked it out I can tell you its not that bad actually. Its got resolution options past 1900x1080 and a decent amount of custom options such as anti-aliasing and the like. It even includes full remapping for mouse and keyboard. Its pretty much on par with the options that Dead Space 1 and 2 had. Now if you were expecting something along the lines of Sleeping Dogs level of port, your going to be disappointed, but if you played Dead Space 1 or 2 on PC then you know what to expect. Everyone made it sound like it was going to be worse, but its not. Its totally ok.

Here, I even found a video some dude made that pretty much says the same thing.

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I'm quite surprised and pleased with the PC version so far, they did a great job. DLC is available and intact as well. Now hopefully they can stay away from console exclusive BS.

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The textures are bad though.....

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@tyler1285: Not sure if you've paid attention in previous Dead Space games, but the textures have been of a lower quality throughout the series. They just do a pretty good job of masking it from the average player with good lighting and such.

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@Dourin: Yeah last time I played Dead Space 2 I was playing on a 17 inch monitor. I'm not saying it was better.

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I can't put my finger on it, but something about this game feels really off for me so far. Kinda getting an RE5 to RE6 vibe...

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@Akeldama: It's frustrating that they didn't implement a similar dodging system to Resident Evil 6. But they did kinda borrow it's non horror tone.

#8 Posted by Akeldama (4337 posts) -

@tyler1285 said:

@Akeldama: It's frustrating that they didn't implement a similar dodging system to Resident Evil 6. But they did kinda borrow it's non horror tone.

None of the combat has felt as satisfying, the movement feels awkward and jerky and I'm really not impressed with the sound design so far. All of these things are what I look for in Dead Space.

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Dead Space games were always straight ports. It baffles me why everyone started complaining about it on the 3rd game.

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Origin is saying the game is out on the 13th for the UK but retail copies are being sipped for Friday. I don't know what's up there.

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I notised that it was crusial to disable V-Sync. As much as it cap framerate in other games, here it seems to go down to less than 30 making it seem like animation is garbage. Turning it off really helps. Sadly the sound design is pretty bad though, everything sounds lo-fi and 5.1 is bizzarely configured that all the menu noises are much louder than game sound and for some reason they come out of the back speakers. Plus the textures are really low res in visible spots (hair and faces look really jarring, text and button prompts too), don't remember that in previous games but, as Dourin said earlier, it might be that previous games had better lighting to hide that stuff. Either way it's a serviceable port so far and the game seems fun even if it's in a different way from 1 or even 2.

#12 Posted by AlisterCat (6253 posts) -

Some dick spoiled the end for me on a youtube video. Don't know if it was true or not but ugh...

#13 Posted by FilipHolm (689 posts) -

Wait... is this game.... out already?

#14 Posted by ShaggE (7302 posts) -

@FilipHolm: Yyyyyyyup.

I had a similar reaction last week. Time flies.

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Great news I was worried I just finished DS2 last week and it had less graphic options so this is a relief now I just wonder is the game any good?

#16 Posted by anzejk (132 posts) -

Yeah, I agree. The PC "port" is as much "port" as Dead Space 2. Based on developers comments I really thought this would be a crappy port with no options and no optimisation. But it's good enough and it's pretty optimised. As I said before, same as DS2.;)

Now, if they only did something about that crappy universal ammo...

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i'm enjoying the crap out of this on the PC. like the video above I maxed it out and look great at 2560x1600. I used a controller so I don't "feel" the crappy fps. (I do when I use the mouse).

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@JeanLuc said:

Its got resolution options past 1900x1080 and a decent amount of custom options such as anti-aliasing and the like.

How nice of them, I mean not like some of us have had 2560x1600 monitors for over 4 years at this point... D:

Come on this stuff should be standard, they deserve no brownie points for this.

Frankly if they weren't supporting resolutions past that they shouldn't be allowed to call their game fit for purpose for a PC release.

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I always figured from the interview that the PC version would be pretty much like Dead Space 2 was on PC and that game was more than fine for me. But of course, some people feel compelled to look for reasons to hate a game before they have even played it, especially if EA is publishing. Sigh.

#20 Posted by zenmastah (1073 posts) -

going to downsample the shit out of this!!

#21 Posted by OfficeGamer (1120 posts) -

@AlisterCat said:

Some dick spoiled the end for me on a youtube video. Don't know if it was true or not but ugh...

Here's what you do: You tell yourself he hasn't even bought the game and he's trolling.

I once saw a spoiler of Red Dead Redemption's very ending, and I was deep into the game, so I just told myself "yeah sure that happens.. nice try." I swear to you that by the end of the game I had forgotten the spoiler, which was true, and I was shocked when I saw what happens at the barn.

It works if you believe :) I mean he's probably just trolling right?

#22 Posted by Zurv (537 posts) -

fyi, for the AA, SMAA should be better than FXAA.

(Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing)

#23 Posted by AlisterCat (6253 posts) -

@OfficeGamer: I'll try, but I'm not very good at lying to myself. I kind of have to know.

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sorry about the bars... I didn't notice fraps added them before I encoded and uploaded :(

#25 Posted by captain_clayman (3349 posts) -

As long as it runs and looks fine at 1080p/60fps I'm fine. However, I'm not sure if I'm going to play it all after seeing some of the reviews.

#26 Posted by Abendlaender (3009 posts) -

Yeah, that's actually really, really weird. It's an alright port, lots of options nothing to brag about but also nothing to be ashamed about. So why did Visceral claimed it's going to be a "bad" port? I mean that's basically what they said. This is really weird.

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It's still the same game, I feel PC gamers care too much about things like textures, that don't even matter once you get immersed in the game.

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considering they want a full 60 for the game, the least it could have is some better textures or something. the game looks like garbage, and it doesnt even play that well either. (im comparing it to the last two) for me at least

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I just started watching some of Totalbiscuit's "WTF is..." of it and, well, he's pleased with it as far as the porting job goes.

It seems fine. Not "Sleeping Dogs BLOODY AMAZING" fine, but "Hey, guys, this is better than average" fine.

#30 Posted by Jackel2072 (2509 posts) -

The most important thing about the PC version is that it works. No real issues I have found so far. It suits my needs.

#31 Posted by zenmastah (1073 posts) -

ive been playing with a m&k; because the game is much more action packed, man crafting is a bitch and the menu switching keys are not on the menu so it took awhile to find them.

put havent had any crashes and downsampled from 3200x1800 to 91920x1080 with 8xQMSAA it looks alright, minus the textures of course.

theres something going on with the engine though cos im getting very inconsistent temps to my GPU, running between 50 and 75 .

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