Quick question about dismantling weapons.

#1 Posted by MysteriousFawx (437 posts) -

So thanks to pre-orders I've ended up with 4 guns with fancy unique names and paint schemes. I was wondering however, if these guns are dismantled, is that it? Do they ever come back into my safe/inventory or is it a 1 shot deal?

Don't want to make a bad decision because of inventory OCD and trying to keep things neat and tidy.

#2 Posted by strangecargo (90 posts) -

If you dismantle them, you can use the parts in new weapons, but you can also reassemble them at any time, back into what they were before.

#3 Posted by MysteriousFawx (437 posts) -

@strangecargo: Ahh cool cool...so I can make some kind of pre-order super weapon combo by smashing parts from different guns together...sweet! Cheers duder!

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