What cool weapons have you made?

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My current go-to is a heavy elite frame, tesla core upper with a precision tip, and an unmodified plasma core in the lower. The primary fire hits like a truck (a well-aimed shot can one-shot many necromorphs on Impossible) and the secondary is great for crowd control. My only issue is the slow rate of fire and wind-up time on the upper, as well as the small clip size. I find it really useful for those sequences where you're absolutely mobbed by necromorphs, but it's very often game over as soon as I need to reload. Another minor issue is that after you fire the upper, any additional fire attempts before the weapon has been "cocked" again don't register, so I sometimes think I'm charging up the weapon for a second shot, but Isaac is actually just sitting there looking stupid.

[Edit: I think I got the upper components wrong, so I corrected that]

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I'm rolling with the Planet Cracker plasma cutter, with a revolver on lower and Stasis ammo. Not super powerful, but definitely a ton of fun. I love finishing off a half-dead Necro with a single Revolver shot.

My secondary is more prone to experimentation, but right now it's a heavy frame sticky bola with a rapid fire javelin thrower and electric ammo. I don't like the bola, but I'll probably keep the javelin for crowds and for funsies.

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I made a plasma cutter. Yup.

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Double Plasma Cutter on elite frame. Full damage mods. Electric mod up top.

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I've been having a hard time using a plasma cutter on Impossible difficulty. It doesn't seem to do enough damage to quickly dispatch the super-buffed necromorphs and it doesn't do much in terms of crowd control. The only thing that seems to work well for me is a heavy elite frame with high-damage upper section (tesla beam, assault rifle, flamethrower, etc) with a force gun on the bottom for crowd control. The harder-hitting weapons all seem to stagger enemies quite a bit (the tesla beam in particular has a great knockback effect). I just did some major rig health/armor upgrades though, and I'm hoping to give the plasma cutter another chance once I get the resources together to build a stasis mod.

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I made a Gatling Spike Thrower with a Ripper secondary weapon. Then I made the Contact Beam with a Force Gun underneath it. Barring playing around with a few combinations, these are the only two weapons I really need to beat the game. They're really awesome. Normally I've really hated the Force Gun in previous Dead Space games, but it combos perfectly with the Contact Beam. I push enemies back and then blast them with a charge shot. The spike thrower thing (or whatever it's called, I can't remember) is a nice automatic weapon for human dudes, and the Ripper is great for all around chopping fun, especially those weaker enemies that like to swarm you.

I debated keeping a pure Plasma Cutter in my inventory (cause that's Dead Space tradition) but letting it go has let me play around a lot more. I did put a flamethrower on it for a little while until I found the Contact Beam plans. I've really been digging the weapon creation stuff, even if it kinda ruins the trademark look of a lot of weapons. For whatever reason, I REALLY miss Issac yanking back on the Ripper to reload it. I think it's because it was a nice little arm pump after killing a bunch of enemies. The lawnmower esque cord pull in DS3 isn't as good.

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I did a pure plasma cutter hard playthrough, and don't get me wrong, it was hard. I just love the idea of mining/surgical tools as weapons, and the cutter just seems so iconic. If I ever have a brain aneurysm and go back and play it again I'll probably have to experiment a lot more with the weapon system to get anywhere.

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Yeah, that surgical table sequence in Dead Space 2 is one of my favorite moments in the series. Losing the plasma cutter and going full heavy weapons was kind of a sad moment, but now I'm dying a lot less.

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Force gun with a hammer hydraulic on the bottom.

It's the perfect panic weapon.

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Pulse Rifle with Flame Thrower attachment. I know it isn't that special but I just rock out like Ripley screaming "Get Away From Her You Bitch!!" every time I give it to a large horde of Necromorphs. Great fun.

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