bleaker's Dead Space 3 (PlayStation 3) review

Fun and Flawed

*Some slight spoilers*

Dead Space 2 was one of my favorite survival horror games, even if it was less on the horror and more on the survival. Sure the game felt a little more action-y than Dead Space 1, but the combat was so great I didn't mind it. That's not to mention the great story and amazing opening section.

So if I could forgive Dead Space 2 for being more action-y, I can not forgive this game. Lets start with the story. You probably have heard the basic summary, Issac Clark back in trouble once again. This time at the planet that may or may not be the source of the Markers that have been causing the Necromorph plague.

The story starts off good, but between a ill-advised love triangle, the utilization of Unitology, the sudden importance of the co-op character, when he never really appeared much in the single player campaign before that, and the final revelation, lets just say its not the brightest moment in the series. However, I still love Issac Clark, because while he may not be just a guy in a bad situation, he still manages to keep a somewhat humorous side, and a humane one,

The gameplay has always been the best part of the Dead Space series. That is still true here. The combat just feels satisfying like no other. Except in this game the "strategic dismemberment" in this game isn't as important as in games past. Hell I managed to run through the last half of this game with a shotgun, grenade launcher. Still, for the first half of the game when I was using that plasma cutter, line gun combo, it felt like old times. Then we got to that damn ice planet.

I also have to mention the crafting system. It has the most robust, fun, and interesting weapon crafting system I have seen in a game in a long time. You can combine just about anything, like a saw blade shooting flamethrower. However, I'd like to mourn the loss of the Ripper. You can make a saw blade shooting gun, but it is nothing like the original Ripper. I'll miss you ol' buddy.

Fighting humans is a new addition, that might as well have been left out. It doesn't add much to the game, except rage fests at a certain part in Chapter 15, where you have fast necros and humans with rockets shooting at you. I went insane at this part.

Now for the setting. There is a little bit of variety. Somehow though, less than Dead Space 2. I was pleasantly surprised at how you spend the first 8 chapters in space. These are the best parts of the game, with the zero-G sequences, you feel like an actual astronaut. It also has a couple fun side missions, that seems like it sets a quality standard.

Than you get to that damn ice planet. The beginning of this is interesting. Kind of like Lost Planet, where you run from house to house to more heat. This drops very quickly though, and the snow sections just kind of become uninteresting. Especially when your rappelling up cliffs. Then it becomes tedious.

Than you start doing the other side missions. You realize, these are the same environments. The side missions become uninteresting because of this, and I stopped doing them after around the third one on the ice planet.

So all in all, the game is a flawed sequel, but still a fun game in its own right. No game has the feel of combat that Dead Space does, and I can't wait for the obvious sequel.

Also, before I go : here is a little hint that I learned from Dead Space 1, look closely at the chapter titles.


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