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My favorite dead space game so far.

Let me start off my saying I played through and finished Dead space 3 on co-op. I really feel this is the best way to play this game as some of the co-op sidemissions add some cool details to the story.

completion time:23 hours for the first play through.


  • Graphics are some of the best I've seen.
  • Sound as always is great for surround sound.
  • I really enjoy the Dead space universe and loved the details this game added into the story.
  • At first I was upset about the weapon system changing from the first 2 times I eventually found my flow and really enjoyed trying to found new weapon parts and building bigger better weapons.
  • With exploring around collections and other hard game types there is a lot of reason to keep playing after you finish the game.
  • I loved that you now have the option to do side missions and have larger worlds to explore.


  • Though I jumped a few times this game is not really scary anymore and is more of a suspense then a horror.(I've heard upcoming story DLC with bring back the horror).
  • I didn't really see any glitches well playing the game. (The only one that comes to mind is at one point I wasn't able to crouch. reloading the game fixed this issue).
  • I did not like the kinect function. I thought it was pointless.
  • I didn't like how ammo was now generic. I would have rather had different types of ammo like the previous games.

Overall this is my favorite Dead Space game and one of my favorite games of this generation I look forward to play the DLC.

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