How many of you tried or will try playing this with a friend?

#1 Posted by Maluvin (300 posts) -

I picked this game up on the Wii when it first came out to play on Halloween with my girlfriend.  We had a pretty good time tearing through it for a couple nights.   With the PS3 bundled release with DS2 it just made me curious how many people end up playing it solo verses coop and how that affects their play experience.

#2 Posted by Godwind (2926 posts) -

I decided not to play this game because it didn't offer what I wanted as a rail shooter.

#3 Posted by yinstarrunner (1255 posts) -

I played it with a friend.  It was alright,  but I probably would have liked playing it solo more.  To preserve the atmosphere a little better.  It's not a great game or anything, though.

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