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I had no idea they were going to release this on the PSN so soon or at all. I almost got the CE for the PS3 for this specifically but then my brother moved out of town and he has the Move controllers. Maybe I can try to borrow it from him one of these days and still feed my sick need for achievements while I play DS2 on the X360.
Anyways, I am pretty excited now. Its also only $15 which is, what? $5 less then the CE? All I wanted from it was the game so I guess this works out well.
Edit: It seems I was wrong about the CE and how to obtain Extraction by purchasing DS2. Man it was confusing.

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I'm pretty sure it actually comes with any version of Dead Space 2 on ps3.

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Extraction comes on the regular version, at least for now, with what they have dubbed "Limited Edition"
EA has a track record of being confusing (and lying), so you never know what's going to happen

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