Worth it if I dont have a Move?

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So I got Dead Space 2, and it comes with the trial for Dead Space extraction, which I ended up quite enjoying to be honest. They do a lot of smart things with the limited rail shooter format, and I would like to know more of the story. So my question (or questions) are, is the game worth the 14.99 on psn (especially how long is it more or less), and is it worth playing with a normal controler, im not buying a move just for this game, and I have no interest in any other Move games. The trial played fine with the controler, but I dont know how hectic it gets later on where the slow cursor movement with the controler would hurt the experience. Thoughts?

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Also, i already have a Ps Eye from eye of judgment, so I guess i could just get a Wand for this right? Or does it need the navigation controler? Man, is the game even worth buying it AND a wand?

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I'm waiting for the Socom 4 bundle to get my move, that's when I'll play Extraction and any other move games I want.

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Where are you Extraction fans, could use some advice here

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I don't think it'd be a problem playing on a dualshock. I compared Move controls and Dualshock controls and both are pretty much the same. I think you should buy it if you're interested in it, it's a fantastic game.  
EDIT: yes it's worth it if you want to just buy the wand, it doesn't need a nav controller for that specific game. Its a TON cheaper to buy just a wand and not the eye and nav controller bundle like I did. 

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so i went to buy a wand... looked at the price (40euros lol?) and bought Killzone 3 instead lol >_> Ill just play extraction (if I buy it) with the DS tbh

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I thought all first run copies of the PS3 version of Dead Space 2 came with the full game of Dead Space Extraction?

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I played the first chapter with a controller and haven't touched it since. Eh, it's okay. Probably a much better game with the Move.

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