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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star... How I wonder what you are. 0

 With the first Dead Space, Visceral Games (formerly EA Redwood Shores) had finally found something they were good at. These developers of The Simpsons Game and The Godfather: The Game had luke warm reception of their first games, but nailed it with a horror themed, isolationist third person title set inside the massive USG Ishimura. While Dead Space: Extraction remains in the horror genre, it takes a decidedly different approach and sets you along what the publisher defines as a "guided experie...

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Well, it sorta looks like dead space 0

As someone who was a fan of the original dead space, I really wasn't all that excited when I heard the initial announcement that it was making its way to the Wii, but when I heard it would be a "guided experience" (rail shooter) prequel it actually got me kind of excited, I figured it'd be a nice way to get some use out of my Wii, and would provide some nice back story to the main game.  After playing through a good portion of the game though, I have to admit to being somewhat underwhelmed, ther...

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Like Dead Space and light guns? Great. 0

After much forethought and soul-searching, it dawned on me that my favorite game of last year may have been Dead Space. It came out of nowhere, had a deep and truly scary atmosphere, and some of the most entertaining gameplay I had in all of 2008. What I found most surprising though was in its story, which created a universe filled not just with pants-shittingly terrifying monsters, but also rife with deep political and religious intrigue. So I was interested to find that Visceral Games and EA...

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Man up, Sweetheart. 0

     Pros: *A great mature storyline with believable characters. *Uses the first-person view to its advantage, creating an action-packed and memorable single-player experience. *Many unique and interesting weapons *Amazing visuals recreates the Dead Space-look well. *Unlockable original Dead Space motion comics add value.Cons: *Short experience. *Not much reason to replay.Many people scoffed at the thought of a rail-gun Dead Space on the Wii. People said it was dumbed down for the console, and w...

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Just like Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. 0

Dead Space: Extraction is a game that doesn’t trust you. It assumes a few things. It: 1. assumes you are an inept jackass who can’t play games for squat, you worthless swine. 2. assumes you play games on the Wii people buy. Those kinds of games. 3. assumes you rode and loved Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. It rips direct control away from you and forces you to watch a 6-hour long sequence of events play out, which is occasionally interrupted by fairly mediocre light-gun action. It fully beli...

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Excellent game 0

Game play : I've asked this game for my birthday because some people said it was good and when i started playing it i've noticed that you start the story and you find a marker and that marker infected people i didnt really get the story but this game is fun t'il beggining to end. You can't move your character it moves by itself you can only shoot and open doors that can be annoying because you would like to experience this game and react with the controls but it moves by itself you will notice t...

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A great translation of the Dead Space formula onto the Wii 0

Dead Space: Extraction is an excellent translation of the Dead Space formula onto the Wii. The tense, noisy, bloody combat, and survival horror adventure gameplay have survived intact. The developers (Visceral) did a great job of figuring out what makes Dead Space special and unique. At the same time, they figured out what parts of the formula would work and wouldn't work on the Wii, and they designed the experience around the strengths and weaknesses of the console. The result is one very fun (...

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Dead Space: Extraction 0

Extraction is the prequel to the original Dead Space and it puts you in the perspective of a number of different people. What this game does best is tell a great story all while giving you plenty of things to kill, on top of that it has a few truly great moments ( The end of chapter nine is great ) That help make extraction a worthwhile journy, even if it's only worth going through once. The technical side of the game is also great, though the framerate slows down in heavy action and the game fr...

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Can't stay awake. . . 0

  Another light gun shooter for the Wii. This game took I think three sessions across a month and half or so to finish. Review INC!+'sThe Graphics were good. . . for the wii. We were already at a point where wii graphics were sorely lacking when the three current gen systems launched. At this point, the wii's visual prowess is in most cases laughable. Still, as far as wii games go, this game is way up at the top in terms of visual fidelity. The environments look good and with the exceptio...

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Simply the best rail shooter ever made. 0

Unfortunately, that claim isn't much unlike saying "The best rail drink ever made". Is it okay to be the best of the pedestrian? Extraction is a "guided experience" meaning you're doing a whole lot of pointing and shooting, with no control over exploration or movement. Within those limitations, the game mostly succeeds. Relentless waves of enemies require careful use of the game's gears of war-like reload system, and, as in the hd big brother game, dismemberment. The often numerous waves of enem...

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Intelligent and frightening 0

The Wii has hosted some excellent games this year that cater for all gaming tastes. Dead Space Extraction is the year’s surprising twist on the survival horror genre. Mislabelled by those who haven’t played it as “on rails”, Dead Space Extraction proves to be both intelligent and frightening in equal measure. Clever use of cinematic techniques and brilliant voice acting add depth and quality to the presentation; whilst the level design and ammo conservation deliver tension with the frights.    ...

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A fun....on rails shooter? 0

From arcade games to duck hunt,  I don't care about light gun games.  Too bad I own a Wii and it only does two things really good, light gun games, and being a sword.  For how much I don't care about light gun games, I do care about the wonderful world of Dead Space, and any excuse for me to go, I will jump on that.  So that brings me to Dead Space: Extraction, a really engaging like gun game.  That doesn't even sound right, but it sure is.  You start out as a new protaganist, an excavation tech...

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Dare You Return To The USG Ishimura? 0

 If you were unfortunate enough to have missed out on Dead Space back in 2008 then shame on you. It took players by storm as the sleeper hit of the year by re-inventing the survival horror genre. And EA Redwood Shores did the clever thing by combining all the key elements to a solid third-person shooter – a smooth combat system, gravity gun mechanic, weapon upgrade device, shop and a immersive story to provide an all-round polished experience. So when news surfaced about the successor to ...

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