shadow71's Dead Space Extraction (Wii) review

Well, it sorta looks like dead space

As someone who was a fan of the original dead space, I really wasn't all that excited when I heard the initial announcement that it was making its way to the Wii, but when I heard it would be a "guided experience" (rail shooter) prequel it actually got me kind of excited, I figured it'd be a nice way to get some use out of my Wii, and would provide some nice back story to the main game. 
After playing through a good portion of the game though, I have to admit to being somewhat underwhelmed, there is definitely some neat things being done, but it appears so much effort was put into trying to make it less like a light gun game it ended up just being a bad light gun game. The game no doubt has some good visuals; reminiscent of the next gen version, but overall I do find that the action feels too infrequent, and I spend more time getting annoyed with the 9 different directions the camera keeps turning to constantly than anything. 
Playing it cooperatively was interesting, and definitely made it more fun, as they set up some sequences where you and a partner actually have to switch off from covering the other person from bad guys hoarding the screen. But with those sequences few and far between most of the time you're just stuck trying to look past your partners reticule which obstructs far too much of the action. Most of the time you'll find yourself just lining up your reticule on top of theirs and firing, which makes the strategic dismemberment part of the game very difficult. 
Dead Space is still a good game, just not one I'd necessarily recommend paying full price for, if you really dig coop games and have someone to play through with then when the price drops I'd definitely recommend taking it for a spin, just keep in mind the couple of annoyances and the fact that you're very likely to just play through it once.


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