somadude's Dead Space Extraction (Wii) review

Dead Space: Extraction

Extraction is the prequel to the original Dead Space and it puts you in the perspective of a number of different people. What this game does best is tell a great story all while giving you plenty of things to kill, on top of that it has a few truly great moments ( The end of chapter nine is great ) That help make extraction a worthwhile journy, even if it's only worth going through once. The technical side of the game is also great, though the framerate slows down in heavy action and the game froze on me once. Voice acting is good and the sound effects and music are just right. For an on-rails shooter this is a great game, it manages to tell a compelling story and hold your interest for the 6 hour journey. Also worth a look are the extras, mostly just for the fully voiced comics. I had a lot of fun with Extraction and it has given me the drive to play Dead Space just to see what happens next. A worthwhile rental indeed. 
Gameplay  8/10 
Graphics  9/10 
Sound  9/10 
Value  6/10

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