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A fun....on rails shooter?

From arcade games to duck hunt,  I don't care about light gun games.  Too bad I own a Wii and it only does two things really good, light gun games, and being a sword.  For how much I don't care about light gun games, I do care about the wonderful world of Dead Space, and any excuse for me to go, I will jump on that.  So that brings me to Dead Space: Extraction, a really engaging like gun game.  That doesn't even sound right, but it sure is.
You start out as a new protaganist, an excavation technician, that at least thinks he is seeing the world around him fall apart.  To an end that is surprising and pulls you in for your long ride down the Dead Space express.  After the first chapter you pick up 30 days later as Nathan McNeil that runs into interesting characters, all with there own problems and need to get the hell out of this mess.  The story keeps pulling you in closer and really is quite gripping.  It ends in such a way you want to just go right into playing the original Dead Space, which I did again.  The little things that Extraction does for the story is really cool when looking at the original again.
The game play is sort of just exactly what you would expect.  The Wiimote is your weapon, and the numchuck is for melee.  It feels pretty fluid and makes shooting off limbs just as fun as it has always been.  The variety of weapons is similar, if not the same as the original, feeling equally as brutal.  All together it feels really good and fun.
The sound design is as good as it was on Dead Space, it still sounds crazy and just sort of awesome.  The visuals, well it's a Wii game, it's a nice looking Wii game, but it's still a Wii game.  All in all the game is a good experience, with a great story, and the same old Wii games problems.  If you own a Wii and not a PS3 get this and love it.  If you own a PS3 get the Limited Edition Dead Space 2 and play that.  In the end if you like Dead Space find a way to play this.


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