Thoughts & Opinions?

#1 Posted by kickinthehead (112 posts) -

I just beat this and wrote up a review. Took me almost two hours, but would've finished a lot faster had the tutorial been a bit clearer about Hardware Crack. It took me a long time to realize the lasers had to hit from a specific side :P  
I liked Hardware Crack best because it was kind of like a Professor Layton puzzle. Trace Route was okay, but actually got easier as the game went on, and System Overload I basically beat by spamming units without putting much thought into it.  
Hopefully the hacking suit is cool in Dead Space 2.

#2 Posted by Hector (3524 posts) -

I'm thinking about buying it. Mostly just for the suit.

#3 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

What does the Hacker suit do? 

#4 Edited by flufflogic (321 posts) -

The reviews are looking bad, but I'm tempted. I mean, I'll definitely be playing DS2, so unlocks are good. 
EDIT: dropped you a review thumbs up too, as that's pretty much told me all I need to know. Might get Case Zero, even though I'll probably end up never playing DR2...

#5 Posted by MeierTheRed (5025 posts) -

The demo was god damn horrid. I know i won't enjoy that type of "game" , and i'm not spending money on it just to get a silly suit.

#6 Posted by KingDaniel97 (19 posts) -

Heh, I'm just gonna preorder the CE. $80 for a plasma cutter replica? Sign me the hell up!

#7 Posted by Immuniity (264 posts) -

This game is beyond terrible. The game play is boring but its the animation and voice acting thats even worse. During some of the cut scenes characters dont even have faces or hands, just sorta amorphous blobs with some lines through it.

#8 Posted by Nadafinga (1037 posts) -

So is the Hacker Suit worth playing this 2 hour, $5 game?

#9 Posted by CarpetRemnant (392 posts) -

This is quite easily one of the worst games I have ever ever played, really. Just look at the animation, they've taken static images and then manipulated them to give the appearance of movement but it looks wrong because there's no consistency to the size of anything. 
The mini games are uniformly terrible, I like the tower defence one best because I can just spam the buttons till I win without thinking. The racing one is the worst because it takes FOREVER every time. 
It's essentially a five dollar DLC pack for the DS2 main campaign, but they make you jump through some god damn awful hoops before you can get to it. 
Also the different choices you can make along the story are totally superficial because whatever you do you always end up with the same ending, it shouldn't give you any choice and force you through the one route that actually gives any motivation whatsoever to the main character and doesn't leave you going 'buh?' at the end. 
Terrible terrible game, only play if you want the DS2 stuff, in my opinion.

#10 Posted by Pie (7227 posts) -
@Leakster: Some characters from it are supposed to link into Dead space 2 though, survivors and audio logs, stuff like that
#11 Posted by RustySpoon (152 posts) -
@Leakster: Just finished it, I would echo your thoughts almost completely. Haven't started up Dead Space 2, so I can't speak to whether the suit is worth it, but I was really disappointed at how little this seems to add to the Dead Space 2 story. I was expecting something a little more substantial (in story, at least).

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