How long is Dead Space?

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How long is it? I am pretty excited about this game, but I don't want to spend $50 on a game that is only 5 hours long *cough*cod4*cough*.

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I dont have it since its not out where I am until Friday. But I think around the 15-18 hour mark.

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Well, if you had dug through the other umpteen million threads we've posted, you would've noticed that the average running time on medium for most is between 8-12 hours.

It's also stated on various reviews on websites.

And it's worth $60.
#4 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

I've heard that it's a 12 hour game from most people.

#5 Posted by jakob187 (22370 posts) -
Kush said:
"I've heard that it's a 12 hour game from most people."
My first playthrough was 8 and a half, and my second playthrough is at about 3-4 right now, on the last chapter.  Regardless, there's all the achievements to get, plus the game is solid enough to warrant multiple replays easily.
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I was right at the 15 hour mark when I beat it on medium, but I rarely ran, explored every place I could, and paused the game several times to get up for food.  Going through it in 8 hours sounds like bullshit (easy mode maybe), and if you did, you missed any kind of suspense or ambiance the game offers just to plow through it.  I'd say if you liked the play and length of RE4, but want a dark sci-fi theme, this game is it.

CoD4 is short, but it was filled with action, and the game is far more successful for its MP anyway.

#7 Posted by Dark_Spartan796 (34 posts) -

I beat the first playthrough in about 10 hours on Medium.

#8 Posted by albedos_shadow (1558 posts) -

I think my final time was somewhere around 12 hours, on Medium, with a lot of exploring done.

#9 Posted by TheJollyRajah (1606 posts) -

Around 12 hours is about right.

But trust me, the campaign in this game is three times the quality of COD4's... COD4 is mostly for multiplayer. I suggest you pick this game up if you want something new yet extremely well crafted.

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Man, how dare you underhandedly try and bash Call of Duty 4 in this thread. You weren't paying for a game with CoD4, you were paying for a ton of hours to be sucked out of your existence in multiplayer. I mean, if you don't play it online, then you must be a noob. Perchance, you additionally lack skills.

Anyways, go buy Dead Space. That is assuming that you possess the prerequisite skills.

#11 Posted by Oedipus (87 posts) -

If only there were critics and thousands of satisfied gamers to say otherwise. :[

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You could always read Giant Bomb's review where they tell you the length. ;) By the way, COD4 is not 5 hours long. More like 10, maybe 8 if you're hurrying through it. Regardless, it has some of the best FPS single player I've seen in years, and quality over quantity, people!

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Took me 8 and a half hours. I didn't rush at all. Looked in all the rooms, read some blood on the wall, played all the levels in the games, and I only checked a faqs for one 1 min part of the game. How any one could take 12 hours to beat it is beyond me.

Oh and that was on normal.

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Curious though if time alotted would change anything later in the game. Maybe an extended ending?
(*seeing how the "ending" is just a jolt) Why leave things in suspense? Maybe a sequel?

That's my problem with games being so engrossed, just to take it all away at the end.
If there's a start, there must be a finish; its not a novel that just says "to be continued".
We know when a game is done, right when we see the credits.

If RE5 can push nearly 30 hours, I wonder what's the reason for Dead Space to be so short.

#15 Posted by super_machine (1978 posts) -

I played it on hard and it took me about 15 hours. Lots of dying.
But its really a game that is challenging the first time, and fun the second since you can keep all your loot and upgrades for the next round.

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