LOL - Dead space

#1 Posted by DeadlyPain (397 posts) -

i was messing around with my webcam and though i'd see what the quality would be like for recording Dead space......well the quality was okay, and i couldn't have chosen a better spot to start filming hahahahaha

skip to about 3/4 for the funny part - or watch it all the way through :) Who cares, it creased me up so i had to share it xD

#2 Posted by Xelloss (213 posts) -

Haha, that game is so awesome.

#3 Posted by Cube (4366 posts) -


#4 Posted by pause422 (6179 posts) -

lol yeah the first time that happened to me I couldn't stop laughing, I love the deaths in this game.

#5 Posted by zitosilva (1840 posts) -

hahaha, it was mostly fun about how spontaniously you started laughing, hahaha.

#6 Posted by Absurd (2934 posts) -
zitosilva said:
"hahaha, it was mostly fun about how spontaniously you started laughing, hahaha."
That was definitely the best part
#7 Posted by Demilich (2599 posts) -

Protip: Shoot the legs off first.

#8 Posted by Sarnecki (693 posts) -

I LOOOOOOOVE this game.  My reaction when I was first saw that was comparable.  :D

Pro tip.  H axis shoot one of it's feet out, two or three shots.  V or H axis to take out one of the stalks, one or two shots.


#9 Posted by Bucketdeth (8007 posts) -

I push the enemies into those, it`s awesome when there arms and legs just blow off : P

#10 Posted by Dark_Spartan796 (26 posts) -

Plus you can get an Achievement for it!

#11 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8609 posts) -

That was great.  How funny.

#12 Posted by Bucketdeth (8007 posts) -
Dark_Spartan796 said:
"Plus you can get an Achievement for it!"
Remember this is the PC board.

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