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Great idea, disappointing execution

Having heard rave reviews, I was highly anticipating playing EA's new survival horror Dead Space. The story was simple but not unlike what we have seen before from previous horror games; something 'goes wrong'  upon the USG Ishimura, a giant Planet Cracker ship. You are Isaac Clarke, sent with a team to find out what the trouble is, only this is personal as his girlfriend is aboard.

First impressions of the game were good, shooting away at limbs with the cutter was great fun, if you manage to aim at the target. I found the controls on the PC were very heavy and quite unresponsive with the mouse. I had to set the sensitivty of the mouse very high in order to aim properly as it was simply impossible to shoot at the fast moving creatures on a low setting. I found that for somebody who is used to playing Call of Duty and CS it was unplayable for me. The game felt like a bad port. I played a PS3 version and these problems were not apparent, the controling was smooth and very good. My advice would be to stay away from the PC version.

Aside from the controls, I can see why people would like this game. The corridors were creepy and I certainly got a shock when a monster jumped from a vent or out of a ceiling cavity. It was always fun aiming for a leg only to see the thing crawl across the floor at you.

Replay value might have been an issue in this game had I gotten past the third chapter with me trying to contain my frustration at the clanky controls. The low gravity areas are different and it is certainly very scary with no sound. The game does however contain a lot of going back and forth, you may be asked to collect something then track back through the game. You'll find customizable benches across the game with the ability to upgrade weapons and change aspects.

Very good, with a good system you'll get stunning visuals from this game. The blood and gore filling the corridors offers lots of exctiement and provides great eye candy. It's very Doom 3 ish in the fact that every surface shines as you pass it and sparks fly from every ruined piece of futuristic technology.

The sound was not the best I have seen in a video game but it was not necessarily bad. The screams of pain did make me shiver as I walked through the empty corridors, but I felt the weapon sounds could have been better. The best sounds were the squelching ones your boots make as you crush down on to the various appendages littering the floor.

                  + Great graphics
                  + Strategical dismemberment was amusing
                  + Vast array of creatures to fight

                  + Over the shoulder view
                  + Repetitive environment
                  + Close combat frustrating for some
                  + PC Version has poor aim stuttering
                  + Storyline not very original

Good game, I just hope there is a fix for the PC controlling as it seems like a poor port. If this is addressed, +1 star to this review.
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This is why you should get a PS3, it runs like a dream.

Nice review though and I agree with the other points raised.

Thumbs up!


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