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If a remake appears on the shelves, does it make a sound? 0

The first Dead to Rights was a guilty pleasure for me when I played a version of it on the Gamecube. The second Dead to Rights I did not play, because I did not have a PS2 at the time. In both cases, you pretty much knew what you were getting from the start: a stupid action game that nonetheless had several different ways to kill various mooks, using everything from special kung-fu disarming moves to easily-abused bullet ti--err..."Adrenaline Mode." Dead to Rights was a fun but ultimately forget...

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A Sequel Nobody Was Calling For 0

 Another sequel for a game series not known for high quality as is. DtRR is a 3rd person action game with an emphasis on fisticuffs in addition to gunplay.You play psychopathic hero Jack Slate, who deals with crime by, arguably, being meaner and crueler than the criminals he deals with. You get to torture numerous people, some of whom that even deserve it. You are a cop of Grant City and you initially team up with your father and his dog, Shadow. Of course, bad things occur and you end up teamin...

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Dead to Rights is ok to rent 0

  I played this over at my friends house Dead to Rights: Retribution isn’t the most refined shooter out there. The story is mediocre and it can be rather ugly at times, but if you don’t take it too seriously, the gameplay is fun while it lasts.. It definitley reminds me of a trashy movie where you feel guilty but yet you have fun playing it at times. I would rent this game and wait for better games that are coming out....

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Snapping Heads and Eating Meatballs 0

In Dead to Rights: Retribution, you play as Jack Slate, a hard-nosed, uncompromising Grant City cop, who intends to shove justice down the throats of criminals by doing things like: a) urging on his malamute/wolf hybrid Shadow to rip off enemy scrotum b) Brtually kicking the enemy in the stomach twice. Then when the crook doesn't get the message, Jack will do it one more time. c) Shooting both kneecaps off of a soldier. To put the finishing touches, Jack sends the opponent up in the air and clog...

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Dead to Rights: Retribution Review 0

By - Craig HAlmost 8 years have passed since the original Dead to Rights was released on the Xbox and Playstation 2. Developer Violate Games has promised to re-invent the series and push the game in a new direction. What was achieved was a run-of-the-mill third person shooter that will be forgettable shortly after completion (though is fun while it lasts).Dead to Rights: Retribution follows a Metro City cop Jack Slate along with his bear sized K-9 companion Shadow. The plot starts midway through...

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