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Choose a boat to pilot
Choose a boat to pilot
Crave Entertainment got the licensing rights for the Deadliest Catch television series. Immediately upon receiving rights they announced Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos which is their video game take on the series. The game will include the different characters on the show as well as their likenesses.  
Further in the game's development it was found that it would support motion controls, The PlayStation Move and the Wii were announced the use the controls, but Microsoft's Kinect was never announced for the new controls. It is presumed that the PlayStation Move and the Wii will control identically. This is the second Game that Captain Sig Hansen has created about the series, he created one for Xbox in August of 2008 that was some what along the same lines. In an interview at E3 Sig said that this game is really just for the fans and wasn't designed for the hardcore gamers


Head to the Bering Sea for a big haul of crab
Head to the Bering Sea for a big haul of crab
A group of crab fisherman get word that the Bering Sea is full of Opilio and King Crab. They begin on a trip to gather a large haul of crab, but there are other crab fisherman wanting the same. The group will have to compete with various captains and crews of the crab boats. This is basically the same storyline as the show on TV and fans of the show should expect to see some of the same things that were shown in the show. 



One of the various mini games
One of the various mini games
In Sea of Chaos, the player will choose a crab boat and crew to use throughout the game. Different boats will have different statistics, An example would be a fast boat that isn't able to hold a lot of crab. Players should be prepared to (like and other strategy game) make trade offs and tough decisions. The player uses strategy in making  their decision. After choosing a crew, the game places you in the Bering Sea to catch as many Opilio and King Crab as possible. Crab are caught by strategically moving your boat through the sea and choosing places to drop nets. Success on catching crab depends on finding a correct spot on the map to to drop the nets. When you bring in a haul of crab there are mini games for many of the chores and exciting moments found on a crab boat. Mini games may include sorting fish, ship repairs, breaking ice off of the boat, and rescuing those who fall overboard. There are different modes separate from the main mode and those include season modes online multiplayer.


In the same interview at E3 Sig Mentioned that Because of the game being mainly for the fans of the show all of the fan favorites were necessary in the game so be prepared to see the captains and deckhands from the show.

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