I got the Deadliest Warrior. Any questions about the game?

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Well i bought it! I really like the game, although it is a bare compared to other fighter game franchises, like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken and Virtua Fighter. 
The game has a high learning curve with a heavy focus in strategy, blocking and dodging. Also generally the fights don't take more than thirty seconds, as almost if not all fighters can kill in a single move, if lucky enough.  
It is good, with a lot of replayability, as no two fights will ever happen in the same way.  
The "realistic" approach is well implemented, although the degree of damage seems a little random, as two strikes can give rise to different damage, and while you chop arms, legs, and bleed to death, you can't crawl in the battle field. Still it is very well implemented this kind of gameplay.  
 Unlockables include various kinds of weapons and armour, and also avatar clothing.  
The game while won't blow you out of the water, it is very well made, and for me it is worth he 800 points.  
Any questions?

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how many fighters are there? 
and who are they?
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Does it have a split screen mode so i can vs my friend on the same xbox??

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