Deadlight provides a fairly short and easy 400 points

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I just finished the game earlier today (early review code), with the game clocking me at about 2 hours 10 minutes of playtime (though I think it's actually a little more than that. I think it's tracking the recorded time it takes you to get through a level, for leaderboard purposes, which means the clock resets when you die at checkpoints). I went back to get the collectables I missed, which wasn't many, and thankfully it's quick and easy to find out where you're missing stuff and jump right to that area. An hour at most of extra work later and I'm 100% done.

So since I know there are people for whom easy achievements and short length will either sell you on the game or make you spend your money elsewhere, I thought I'd let you know. I enjoyed it enough, personally. It was no Limbo or Shadow Complex (two games it reminded me of), but it was enjoyable.

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So can you give my a story synopsis? I really don't want to play it, but thought maybe the story would be ok?

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@Maginnovision: The story is not the reason to play the game. Or at least, I wouldn't say it is. But I don't really want to type out a spoiler-filled synopsis before the game is even out, regardless.

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Good to know. I like games I can finish in one sitting. Thanks.

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Points are still a thing?

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But how many thermoses are there to collect?

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@SmilingPig said:

Points are still a thing?

I hear Jeff really likes points. Back then, he made shady videos to speak of his gamescore.

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