Disappearing save?

#1 Posted by Murdouken (709 posts) -

So, I finished Deadlight but I was planning on going back to get the last 3 or 4 collectibles and get all of the achievements and that dope avatar hat. (It's not really dope. I don't care about the hat at all.) However, it seems like all of my save data has gone and I can no longer select any scenes that I've already done?

Has this happened to anyone else?

#2 Posted by Twisted_Scot (1180 posts) -

Haven't finished the game but every time I finish a chapter I get a messed up profiel message. So far haven't lost a save.

#3 Posted by Murdouken (709 posts) -

A friend of mine had that, although I have no idea what was wrong.

Turns out I had to restart the game twice, as in I launched it, no save, I launched it again, no save, and then once more for good measure and all my stuff was back. Not sure what it is but this game seems to have a hard time dealing with the 360 file system.

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I get the messed up profile message as well, but no actual problems.

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