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Deadlight is on the way and I made a gameplay video of the first 20 minutes of the game.

My impression:

The game is fun and plays well, but the linear natur is a bit disappointing. I really like the graphical style and I was drawn in by the setting and wanted to see more. The setting is great, but the story is borring and very thin. There are some emotional beats troughout, but they seem unearned, because they aren't build up properly. The game seems a bit too short, and the story is both rushed and too little happens. I enjoyed the game throughout, but felt left down at the end. Seems like the price is a bit high.

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If only we could all have time machines and not ever wait for release dates. I'd be playing Dishonored RIGHT now.. in the future.

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Looks interesting, I really dig the style. 

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I like the tone of the game. Definitely something different in today's apocalypse genre of gaming.

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@Humanity: If you bring me back a copy, you can totally borrow my time machine. Just don't scratch it.

The gameplay seems like a good mix of Another World/Flashback and Limbo.

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@Krisgebis: How is it? Is it Metroidvania-esque like Shadow Complex or more linear?

edit: oh, sounds like you didn't play it yourself (?)

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Looks pretty solid. I'm definitely digging tone and mood that they've set.

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@CptBedlam: The video is from my brother playing the game yesterday. I'm about an hour into the game, and it's at very linear experience until now. Don't think it'll change.

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@Krisgebis: Thanks for the info. I was hoping for a little bit of non-linearity but oh well, it still looks pretty cool and I loved Another World, Limbo and Flashback.

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@Krisgebis: So it's not similar to Shadow Complex where you go back and forth in an area?

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@Humanity: No. The game is completely linear. There are hidden items, which are a bit out of the way, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The game is alot more like Limbo than Shadow Complex

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@Krisgebis said:

@Humanity: No. The game is completely linear. There are hidden items, which are a bit out of the way, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The game is alot more like Limbo than Shadow Complex

Is there a fair amount of shooting or mostly puzzle solving and how does the shooting feel?

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@Humanity: It's mostly "getting around the environment" puzzles. Some of them involve shooting :)

The shooting seems fine. The aiming is as to expect and the shooting feels powerful enough. Sometimes the "getting the gun ready" animations is a bit long and might get you killed.

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Video is back up with impressions.

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@Krisgebis: Extremely disappointed, as I thought this would be the "next" Shadow Complex. Would you say it's still worth getting for someone who loved Shadow Complex, and to lesser extent; Limbo?

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The game is fun, but it is not a substitute for Shadow Complex II (when will they make that game, grrr!). Try out the trial and see if it hooks you in. In your case I might recommend waiting for the game to go in sale.

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@Krisgebis: How long did it take you to finish it?

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@CptBedlam: About 7-8 hours but some of the time was padded, because the game demands more precision then the controls will give you (thankfully not alot of times), so some places I died alot.

But I'm the kind of person that takes 13-14 hours to play through a CoD compaign for the first time, because I'm searching all over for hidden stuff, so Deadlight really felt short. Expecially because not much happens in the story.

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