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Identity Crisis

This game puts on a good first impression. The first hour or so the game sets up gobs of atmosphere and slow but methodical gameplay. The plot is presented in an in a comic book style that has become the rage lately. The main character spitting out internal monologue like hes in a Max Payne game. Yup all the parts where there for a good game but then the sewer level happens. This is where the gameplay, narrative, and atmosphere shit the bed. So they take this rather clunky control scheme that is only passable when moving slow and expect you to run balls out through the level with a instant death "fuck you" right on your tail. Now the game starts tossing more and more "shadows" at you and it just turns into a trail and error frustrating mess. Oh, and that somewhat decent plot? Yeah well it just got on the dumb train and its not getting off. Not only does this game toss a poorly hidden MacGuffin right in your face and does it with a stupid plot line that gets no closure. Around this time the game starts telegraphing its M. Night Shyamalan twist ending like its Glass Joe from punchout.

After finishing this game I had about five and half hours on the clock which is good being any longer the frustrating gameplay would of bad me tossing my gamepad out the window. There are some bonus collectables which are always neat. Also collect some handheld games that you can play to earn achievements. Can't see anyone going back to get any you missed on the first play through though. Ran into a few glitches in the game. Getting hit while jumping though a window got me stuck on the windowsill and fell off the world map a few to many times. Got stuck where my chacter was running the the wrong 2D plane. Really wanted to like this game but in the end in the bed the poor gameplay and stupid plot made me hate it. Save your $15 for something else.


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