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Deadlock: Planetary Conquest is a turn-based strategy game developed by Accolade for the PC and Mac that released in 1996. Deadlock consists of seven playable races (ChCh-t, Uva Mosk, Human, Cyth, Re'lu, Maug and Tarth) that compete for the privilege to be the primary inhabitants of the newly discovered, and vacant, planet Gallius IV.


Gallius IV itself may be a fully customizable planet based on the player's gaming preference before the game initiates. The climate can be altered to reflect tropical, rocky, desert, and oceanic geography that will effect the available resources that a race may harvest in its given land tiles. The size of the planet determines how many land squares will be available to colonize and potentially build cities in for the warring races. Each geographic feature may be altered with sliders to accommodate the desired Gallius IV the player wishes to generate.

The game begins with each race choosing a land tile to be their home city and spawn with some citizens ready to be put to work, as well as a colonizer to begin a second city in a neighboring region. The gameplay is focused on being able to manage an economy based on the resources incoming from the native land of Gallius IV. This involves building many structures for farming, mining, and energy while balancing the morale of citizens who are to be taxed and put to work. Developing a strong economy is essential in Deadlock in order to support the necessary building of additional City Centers and maintaining a massive army to thwart enemy plans.

The technologies and weaponry of Deadlock boast frightening potential in terms of warfare and will be a persistent necessity if Gallius IV is to be won. As it is a turn-based strategy game the limited number of ships, tanks, troops, and air fighters allotted for each land tile will have their fight in animated battles that occur after end-turn is clicked. The battles involve all of the fighting units that were dragged onto the tile beforehand thus making for lengthy and violent engagements that can severely destroy well developed cities. Once the battle has started it won't stop so best be prepared.

The game will end when a set number of City Centers has been constructed or all opposing races have been wiped off the map.

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