Got to play this

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Went to the Phoenix Comic Con and these guys where there so I had a chance to sit down and play.

was not able to play to much since I had to go to another part of the con for an event.

But it plays well.
I do like the controls you just use the nunchuck but how the spider ( you play the spider in the first level) moves felt right. You use the Wii controller for the attacks while pressing A and waving the controller, like other Wii games it is hard to do it right but there are one screen messages to help you though.
I like the boss fights. In the first level you fight a snake at one points and it is easy to dodge the attack then go in to strike its tale. There are then on screen messages that you have to do to defeat the boss.

Seems like a good game and I will try and pick it up.

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I'm getting it off Gamefly soon after its release.

#3 Posted by jakob187 (22345 posts) -

Was it super gory?  I wanna see insect mayhem and blood spewed EVERYWHERE!!!

#4 Posted by PufferFiz (1468 posts) -
jakob187 said:
"Was it super gory?  I wanna see insect mayhem and blood spewed EVERYWHERE!!!"
not really.
There was blood (and Insect juice).
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To me its a game you've played a million times already, with the only difference being you're controlling a spider or a scorpion. It looks alright I guess, but I just don't see much past that.

#6 Posted by strangeling (1296 posts) -

It's a game I plan on picking up sometime.

From the video I've seen, it looks decent enough.  I'll just have to get used the to fighting animaions, I wish they looked a little more natural.  The tarantula throwing lefts & rights tends to take me out of the experience.

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