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Deadly Moves, alternatively known as Power Moves (SNES) or Power Athlete (in Japan), is a Fighter game inspired by Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. The game features Joe, an American martial artist, and a group of other fighters from across the globe. In the single-player, Joe is the only playable character, but all eight featured characters (besides the final boss, who is only playable in the Genesis version with a special password) are available in the multiplayer mode.


  • Joe - American - The protagonist of the single-player mode and all-rounder fighter. Has a moveset similar to Ryu's from Street Fighter.
  • Baraki - Kenya - An African native who fights like a beast. Resembles Blanka.
  • Buoh - Japan - A large fighter in kabuki costume that is able to teleport and fight with his hair.
  • Gaoluon - China - A nimble warrior that fights with a pair of curved knives.
  • Nick - Spain - A flamboyant and agile matador, inspired by Vega.
  • Reayon - Thai - A female fighter that resembles Chun Li.
  • Vagnad - Russian - An enormous obsidian-skinned man. Resembles the X-Man Colossus.
  • Warren - American (Hawaii) - A grappler type.
  • Ranker - American - A strong martial artist and the boss of the game. Unavailable on the SNES version. Resembles Mayor Mike Haggar, except without the mustache.

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