Another Easter Egg: "Pillow Stains" song in Deadly Premonition!

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I found a cool little Easter Egg yesterday!

During my current play through during episode 01, chapter 07 I heard a very surprising tune, Pillow Stains (Piano Solo)! For those who don't know "Pillow Stains" is a fan name given to the alternate song Carol sings instead of "Miss Stiletto Heels" that we've only heard in the Rainy Woods Trailer. I actually prefer this tune to "Miss Stiletto Heels" so luckily, when the_miker ripped the soundtrack from the game there were still full versions the "Pillow Stains" song: one with vocal, a piano solo and an a capella version. I assumed that since the "Pillow Stains" vocal track was replaced in game by "Miss Stiletto Heels" it meant that the former did not appear in Deadly Premonition at all, happily this doesn't seem to be the case! After having dinner with Emily, George and Thomas in Chapter 07 go to Thomas' apartment (It can't be raining, if the weather isn't clear he'll actually be at the Galaxy of Terror) and peep in his window and you will Thomas dance with himself to "Pillow Stains (Piano Solo)" instead of the usual "Miss Stiletto Heels (Piano Solo)". How cool is that? I wonder now if the vocal will appear in anyway...I've upload a short clip to youtube! 
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Is that the thing that was on the endurance run?

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@Pie: No, I took  this video myself. In the endurance run when they watched Thomas dance I believe the "Thomas MacLaine" song played not this one.

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