Best way to watch DP endurance runs?

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#1 Posted by Baillie (4705 posts) -

I've never really been able to watch these yet and while I am currently 137 episodes in to re-watching persona 4, I'd like a good method.

Watch one first then the other, watch then concurrently - BR1 & VJ1. Or something crazy like try to keep them around the same timeline...

Any replies will be appreciated!
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#2 Posted by Legend (2717 posts) -

I watched them concurrently. It's really fun to compare how they approach situations and comment on them each in their different way. I would also recommend you watch Twin Peaks, too. That's what I did. I would watch a few episodes of the both ERs, then watch an episode or two of Twin Peaks. That was one of the most entreating experiences I've had. I might even do the same all over again sometime in the future.

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Ignore the typos. lol Typing this on my iPhone, and I can't edit my post.

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#4 Posted by Maystack (941 posts) -

I've watched through VJ's twice, and both times I tried watching BR's after finishing and stopped before the first episode was over. Watching them concurrently would probably be better.

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#5 Posted by rawrsair (836 posts) -

I watched them separately, but thinking of watching them again together :)

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#6 Posted by Castiel (3239 posts) -

Concurrently is the way to go sir!

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#7 Posted by Baillie (4705 posts) -

Alright, sounds like concurrently is the way to go! Thanks friends! :)

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#8 Posted by James_Giant_Peach (756 posts) -

I watched concurrently, I think it's the best way to go, especially seeing how wildly different the responses they have and paths they take are. DP is a game with a lot of options and a lot of the fun of the ER is seeing which ones the two teams take.

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