Game breaking glitch (Chapter 9; minor spoilers)

#1 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1919 posts) -

I was playing the game again so I could fill out the rest of the wiki, but I decided to reload previous chapters in order to fulfill side missions for infinite ammo, car parts, etc. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that once you get the key from Olivia Cormack to open the back yard of the A&G Diner, DO NOT RELOAD AND COMPLETE A PREVIOUS CHAPTER! Doing so will overwrite your inventory and get rid of the key needed to progress the plot!

#2 Posted by Canberra (1065 posts) -

I can't say I’m surprised that there's one in there. 
I just hope Brian and Jenny see this otherwise we may have a premature conclusion to the ER.    

#3 Posted by Dudacles (1467 posts) -

Brian and Jenny? What? :p
Anyway, I doubt this'll happen to the ER, because they are certainly not planning on playing this game for even a second longer than they have to. Replaying chapters is not part of the deal, especially not for Brad.

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@Canberra said:
" I can't say I’m surprised that there's one in there. I just hope Brian and Jenny see this otherwise we may have a premature conclusion to the ER.     "
I kindaaaa doubt any group will go back to do sidequests, especially Brian.
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@eldiax:  I dunno, Brad's a completionist and doing the sidequests makes a lot of the games weaknesses more tolerable.  Some rewards are just flat out awesome.
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Like SMG's that hold 360 rounds per clip with infinite ammo and the ability to get a car that drives 80 mph and doesn't handle like a dump truck?
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Just got hit by the Chapter 9 key glitch in my first play through. What a shame. I was enjoying how ridiculous this game is. I don't think I can stomach starting over from the beginning again.

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I had this happen to me and was absolutely LUCKY I happen to backup my save on MU just prior to trying to reload a chapter and do the side missions. It took me awhile to figure what I hell I did wrong. This was the first glitch I found with respect to replaying chapters and haven't had any other issues YET. :)

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I really hope they see this. We don't want the ER to end because of this glitch.

#10 Posted by sixghost (1679 posts) -

There's no way they will reload chapters. There is no danger of this happening in the ER.

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You know, I find it funny how most of you assumed I posted this for the ER. Nay, it was for if you were playing the game on your own time.

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