Petition to get the Director's Cut on Xbox 360

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I really it hope it gets released on that platform, considering it was released on it first and I think they kinda deserve it for being loyal fans.

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Yay petitions!

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I guarantee that this will have no impact on their decision of whether or not to put the game on the 360. But I guess it's the thought that counts.

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Just buy the PS3 version if you want the extra content.

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Ha, I like how he's got 16 signers, and the number needed is listed as 100. 

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There was a petition for Persona 4 Arena to be released on the PC.

They'll make a petition about anything these days...

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Just buy the PS3 version if you want the extra content.

Yeah, that's what I'm doing. They don't have tons of money to work with over there, so I'm not going to pressure them to do that. Just buy the cool stuff where the cool stuff is at.

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I think you're gonna need more then 100 signatures to really get this off the ground. Remember that it's quite a big publishing company so they can't just make a a few 360 copies for such a niche demand. If I remember right it DP was also released on PS3 but only in Japan, furthermore PS3 users never got to play unless they imported it so in a way the "original" 360 don't really deserve anything.

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PS3 owners outside of Japan couldn't get the game, (Unless they imported) that's why it's PS3 only. If there're any new cutscenes or missions it'll all be uploaded to Youtube soon enough. 
There doesn't really need to be a 360 version to be honest.

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You do realize that Swery would have ported it to 360 if he had enough resources right?

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