Videos in which I point out easily missed details in DP!

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@Chemi_ro: That was entertaining, well done! S-Ranked the game myself, but missed these details while doing so.

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@Cincaid: I still need to S-Rank the game myself ( I need to finish it on Easy and Medium) I'll do that eventually! :)

I'm happy you like the videos so far! Thanks for checking them out!

#4 Posted by JeanLuc (3608 posts) -

Damn son, mad props to you. Swery really put a lot of effort into this game.

#5 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11393 posts) -

@Cincaid said:

@Chemi_ro: That was entertaining, well done! S-Ranked the game myself, but missed these details while doing so.

What he said. Yes, I also S-Ranked it.

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I've been making my way through the Giantbomb Endurance Runs of Deadly Premonition and being fresh in my head those videos are really cool. Crazy trhat Swery and crew put so many little easter eggs into the game. Did you find all this stuff on your own?

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Very interesting. I never noticed how much work went into the character's schedules when they were out and about town.

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Thanks everyone for taking a look!

@Demoskinos: Yes! I run a Deadly Premonition fan site and while working on my 100% completion guide and the site in general and I ran into these easter eggs :) the George one in the GoT I actually saw by accident, I was just in the right place at the right time. Then I remember I saw George in the Muses Gallery on my map when it was closed during my first play through a long time ago so I decided to investigate and I found the Diane bit.

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Wow I didn't know George was such an active guy.

#10 Posted by Legend (2661 posts) -

Really nice vids. Subscribed and looking forward for more.

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I'm curious, does the killer change at all depending on what you do? I'm watching the VJ ER and curious if the BR one will just turn out the same or will have differences?

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@Nightriff: No, the killer is always the same.

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@Chemi_ro: These where a fun watch! Did you ever make more?

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@Chemi_ro: Damn, that's depressing, can't watch both of the ER's back to back then

#15 Posted by Insectecutor (1205 posts) -

Nice to see Greenvale again. Makes E3 seem sane.

#16 Posted by Chemi_ro (45 posts) -

@TobbRobb: I haven't yet, I need to make some more :)

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