Your ranking in Deadly Premonition?

#1 Posted by shodan2020 (699 posts) -

I'm currently ranked 23rd on the Deadly Premonition leaderboards. Is there anyone here who is also ranked?

#2 Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie (1212 posts) -

I just went through it on normal. Not lookin' for rank. I will eventually pick up all the cards though.

#3 Posted by Seroth (726 posts) -

I'm at 13.
I'm not really sure how the leaderboards work in Deadly Premonition? What happens if your rank is lower than 100? Does that mean you won't show up on the leaderboard at all? (The leaderboards only list 100 people, for those that didn't know.)
Either way, it's pretty cool to be ranked so high in a game for once! :)

#4 Posted by Karkarov (3293 posts) -

I was ranked 53, but I will also admit I did not try to go out of my way to collect cards or side missions though if I ran into them I did them.

#5 Posted by Animagess (157 posts) -
I'm the new 13, I believe.
#6 Posted by LazyPiranha (57 posts) -

Does a new game wipe the old one out?  When I finished my playthrough on Hard i was 14 I believe.

#7 Posted by Animagess (157 posts) -

I finished it on Easy... If I want to go for Normal or Hard next, do I have to start a new game, or do I replay all the chapters on their respective modes?  I guess I'm asking the same question you are...  I have no idea how it works.  There's only one save slot, so I guess it wipes it out so you can't replay chapters?

#8 Posted by funk_oddysey (52 posts) -

Just finished it and im no. 45, I did 53% of the side missions so I might play it on hard sometime in the future to finish all side missions...... maybe.....

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