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At times I almost feel guilty for enjoying Deadpool, it's not exactly a bad game it's just flawed and generic in a way that seems almost fitting for the source material for which it's based. Deadpool, Marvel's hapless goon won't be converting those who already hate his endless fourth wall breaking jokes and stupid humor, yet every now and then I couldn't help break a smile. But maybe that's just me, maybe I enjoy fart and flatulence jokes more than I'd like to admit... that's sort of worrying.

Deadpool's attempts at humor don't always work, but at least they go all in.
Deadpool's attempts at humor don't always work, but at least they go all in.

Developed by High Moon Studios, the studio behind the reasonably well received Transformer games of the past few years, Deadpool is your typical copy and paste third person hack and slash affair. You've seen it before and you've most probably played better. That said, at least High Moon didn't take the easy route by simply implementing Batman: Arkham Asylum style combat like so many beat-em-ups appear to be doing these days. Combat is quick, responsive and more than passable, despite a camera that often hinders the action. It's Deadpool's often crass and child-like humor that tries to spice up this familiar formula, so if endless game-related jokes aren't your thing, then stay away from this one.

Deadpool wants his own game, so calls upon Mr Nolan 'voice of everything' North and High Moon Studios to make it happen. Yes, he literally rings them up to get things going. This most likely won't come as a surprise to anyone with at least some knowledge of the character, fourth-wall breaking is sort of his forte and Deadpool: The game ain't no different. To be fair to High Moon, I have to give them some credit for their dedication to pulling off some of the larger jokes within Deadpool, even if most end up being rather lame. Maybe that's why I ended up enjoying parts of Deadpool, whilst it's the sort of game most of us have played before, I couldn't help but be charmed by High Moon's willingness to go all in with the game's numerous jokes, even when they fall flat (which they often do).

Button-mashing is at the heart of combat, but at least it's still fun.
Button-mashing is at the heart of combat, but at least it's still fun.

While Deadpool occasionally attempts to change things up as the story develops, it's a beat-em-up throughout it's short campaign of a couple of hours. Combat does vary a little thanks to upgrades and new weapons that can be accessed by spending points earned in battle, earning better combos earns you more points to spend on new weaponry and new skills. It's a simple system, but one I enjoyed at the very least. There is no multiplayer to speak of, except a set of challenge rooms which see you alone tackling waves of enemies in a number of stages taken from the campaign. So as you can tell, Deadpool is somewhat short on content.

In all honesty I can't think of what else High Moon Studios really could have done with Deadpool. His fourth-wall breaking humor can only take you so far and whilst a selection of familiar Marvel heroes and villains make appearances, it's not the most memorable campaign. But what else could they do? Combat is solid enough and there's a decent amount of progression, maybe that's the problem here. Deadpool was always going to be at the very best, a passable solid beat-em-up. That's fine if that's exactly what you're looking for. Fans of Deadpool will enjoy the ride, hell even I got some satisfaction from the short ride and I know little of Deadpool the comic book character, so I guess High Moon Studio's did their job.

So I'm divided on Deadpool: The Video Game. It's not broken (at least in regards to the PC version), it looks decent enough, combat is enjoyable and the story, while forgetful, as it's funny moments. I'm not sure if this says more about me than it does the game, do I actually like Deadpool's simple humor more than I ever realized? maybe I do. But even with that in mind, there is no escaping the fact that Deadpool is as generic a game as they come. It's not terrible, nor is it particularly memorable and that I sense is the problem here, come a few weeks time, Deadpool: The Video Game will be forgotten, even by those who've played it.

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