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A humanoid tree-like creature, Deadwood is the zombie version of a tree. Unlike it's previous incarnation, Keeper, it has no leaves and instead mushrooms grow on it's back. It has 2 arms but only 1 gigantic hand, using the other arm as a sort of third leg when moving. The scariest thing is that it still has some powers over the forest and has no desire to spare it.
It's whole body is twisted and flawed, having one flaw so large that a tiny chiprel has decided to move in. Deadwood will have none of it, though, promtly removing and propelling the little chiprel everytime it tries to claim a new home.

Some of it's most notable unit reactions are: "they won't forget me", "I sprouted a leaf yesterday, it died immediatly", "the trees... they move, do you not see it?", "I am dead inside... does that make me sound too evil?", "leaf me alone" and "If I fall in the jungle, will I make a sound?"


It is a ganker and a semi-carry. It's Rotten Grasp can be cast from an incredible distance, stunning enemies for a very long time and it's Willowmaker is there to finish the job with an incredible shot of burst damage.


Rotten Grasp

Deadwood smacks the ground with incredible force, causing corrupted roots to lock enemies in place over an incredible distance.


It grabs any tree and uses it as a melee weapon. Deadwood can throw it to damage and slow an enemy.


Deadwood runs through the forest destroying any tree it touches, fueling it's demonic run, causing a gain in movement speed, atack speed and resistance to slows.


Deadwood uses it's massive stump arm to smash an enemy's face with such force that anyone standing behind him is going to be knocked off their socks.

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