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Something Different...

It is kind of an amazing work, and sets itself apart from a narrative perspective. Ominous and heart-breaking, and left to your own interpretation of what is really going on. There's something special about Dear Esther, although I will not go as far as to say, it's one of the best things I've played this year(or that it changed my life in any particular way). It does however offer a different perspective on what a game can be, and I'm glad that I took an hour out of my life to play through it. It is definitely a worth while and satisfying endeavor.


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    Dear Esther is the antithesis of the traditional video game, to the point where it’s debatable whether it’s a game at all. The only player actions are moving through the world and looking around, while the only thing close to a gameplay goal is to progress through the environments until you reach the end. Dear Esther doesn’t aim to engage you through action, strategy, or puzzles, but through mystical surroundings, poetic narration, and haunting music.In many ways the world of Dear Esther itself ...

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