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Death Orb has appeared in episode one, episode two, and episode three of Qore, each time with new upgrades and revisions. The game is accessed by pressing L2 on the main menu of any episode. The premise is simple. Each player has seven lives. The first person to lose all of their lives is the loser. It's played like pong. One player serves the ball and the other must hit it back. Two players hit a ball back and forth on a playing field. However, instead of paddles, the player must use their reflexes and timing. As the ball is passing through their "goal", the user taps the "X" button to zap it with an electric force that reverses the balls path back to the other side. Each time the ball is hit, its speed increases. The user loses a life when the ball passes through their goal without being hit. If the ball passes through your goal, you get to serve the next ball.

Death Orb

This was released in the first episode of Sony's interactive magazine, Qore. The game is nothing more than what is listed in the overview. However, instead of lives, there is just score. If you get the ball into the other player's goal, you get a point. The winner is whoever gets seven points first. 
The Qore team shot a commercial for the first Death Orb.

Death Orb: Resurrection
Death Orb: Resurrection was made available in episode two of Qore and built on the original Death Orb.

Appearing in episode two of Qore, Resurrection builds on the game seen in the first episode. The game is now counted in lives and a new play mechanic is added. Players can now charge their serve. It's a simple meter, much like the kicking meters in Madden, where the player wants to hit it at its peak to achieve the most powerful shot. If the player does one of these more powerful shots and their opponent returns it and scores with that shot, they get a "Resurrection". If a player achieves a Resurrection, they gain a life. This requires the player to judge their opponent's skill and their own skill before serving a "power shot".

Death Orb 3000: The Final Encounter

This is the episode three edition of Death Orb. A new "Superweapons" ability was added. These superweapons are charged over the course of the game every time the player hits the ball. When the meter is filled, the player can use his superweapon to shoot a much faster shot to their opponent. Also, the ball doesn't need to be within the player's goal to be use the superweapon. A common tactic is to wait until the ball has just been hit by the opponent so it's still near their goal. This way, the other player can be caught by surprise. When the superweapon is used, time slows down until the ball is hit. If the opponent has their superweapon charged as well, they can activate it and a button mashing battle begins. Whoever can hit X faster will push the ball in the way of their opponent. A large circle is drawn around the ball. Depending on which way the ball exits, the ball will fly at full speed in that direction.

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