Why in the world is this limited just to Castlevania games?

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Without a Castlevania qualifier in the name, all other characters in all other games with the name Death will be cut out.  Death personified has been featured in other games...  I guess Grim Reaper is an alternative, but the nature of this place makes things difficult if the name is as iconic and commonly used as Death is.

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It's not just limited to those games...
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Thanks for replying.  It was limited when I first saw it.  The description said it was a character allied with Dracula in the Castlevania games.  Now it's more open.

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As a member of GiantBomb your able to edit the pages you see. Go here for more info
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What is this? I don't like these forums. They seem really disorganized.

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Right, and I did edit the page, but I don't want to trample someone else's ideas whenever I feel like it, because that brings chaos :P

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Death can be many different characters and because they're all called the same, it's hard to distinguish one from another in a such a page as this, even though each Death's personality can be different in any given fiction.

A little tidbit of info here; Death in the Discworld novels is an anthropormorphic personification, well that's what he calls himself anyway.

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@CryingHero said:
" It's not just limited to those games... "
Just what i was gonna post.

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