Impressions or closing thoughts?

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What did you/do you think of Thongs of Virtue? Love it? Hate it? 
Personally, adored it. Just S-ranked it (you can S-rank an XBLA game, right?). S-ranked the first game. Also adored it. Guess I'm a sucker for whimsical big-open mapped action-RPGs. Also, despite there being no achievement for it, I also finished all 152 sidequests. :D

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@project343:  I haven't played it, could you explain why you found it so good? I'm sitting on the fence from what I've seen.
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@owl_of_minerva: Well, first off, it's light-hearted. There are far too many RPGs out there that try to tackle grandiose themes or have horribly dark underpinnings. It's a complete contrast to nature of a loot-centric RPG: you're mixing and matching clothing that you pick off monsters so you can be the most badass thing around--I mean, if a hero was concerned with the destruction of the world, or plague, or something on that nature, would he really be obsessively picking every blood-soaked pocket that he conquered? I don't think so. That's more 'action' if you ask me. 
Second, it's got a large, varied, colourful, memorable, seamless world map. Charting the sandy deserts, exploring every corner... what's not to like about a little adventure? And I mean, it's a long adventure.
Third, it's got hella sidequests. Like I said, my quest log reads that I've completed 162 (NOT 152--after looking more closely at the font) quests. The first game had (roughly) 115 sidequests. Few games really offer that sense of completing a big adventure, especially downloadable titles. You know, that feeling that you had after you'd explored every corner of Ocarina of Time--finding all the secrets that that world held. 
Fourth, the loot. There are too many RPGs wherein armor sets are minor colour variations or texture swaps. Or weapons--man, does DeathSpank have great weapons. For example, there's a fairly okay sword found half-way through the game that is essentially a gunsword. Every time you hack at an enemy, you see the slash and hear the gunshot with it (how you realistically slash and shoot at the same time is beyond me). And as you probably know, every item in the game has a unique description that generally garners a few laughs. I'll list a few I've got right now. 
Mega Tesla Rod - "Hated by the Edison Rod." 
Undeath Grenade - "These grenades are built from necrotic curse words." 
Demon Leg Axe - "A haunch of demon and a bit of axe." 
Timeless Pocket Watch - "Doesn't work but it's right twice a day. Creepy." 
Ray Gun - "Constructed from mysterious metals by mysterious things for a fairly clear purpose." 
And quite a few of the weapons have their own mechanics to them. For example, the ray gun heats up with each successive shot, and can overheat and burn off a chunk of your health if you spam it.  
As a potential downside to the game, in order to maintain whimsical dialog and story, the game doesn't offer any memorable story moments, or impactful emotional scenes--but it's pretty obvious that they didn't even want to try. Because that's not the point of a game called 'DeathSpank.' So if you absolutely NEED an emotional, engaging story, you're going to have a horrible time.
In the end, I don't know what to say. If you ask me, I only get experiences like DeathSpank every so often--each Zelda release, Torchlight, World of Warcraft, etc.. There are very few lighthearted action-adventure/RPGs released each year. And I managed to get 2 in 2 months, and for $15/each even. Very content with both of my purchases.
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thongs are funny

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how long was the second one compared to the first? I think I beat the first in around 10-13 hours I forget.

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The developers said it was quite a bit longer 1/3 or something, it felt about the same length to me. It's was paced better tho.

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