Achievement points playing as the side-kick?

#1 Posted by MistressPanda (5 posts) -

Does anyone know if you will receive achievement points while playing as someone's side-kick?

#2 Posted by dogbox (566 posts) -

Looking at the trophy list on my PS3, it looks like all the achievements are for P1.

#3 Posted by canucks23 (1080 posts) -
@Asberg said:
" Gears of war 1&2, i don't know but i think there was something about that in 2 atleast. "
Too bad they were asking about deathspank and not gears...
#4 Posted by MistressPanda (5 posts) -

 You don't get achievement points when you play as the wizard.

#5 Posted by Deusoma (3220 posts) -

It's really too bad Sparkles doesn't get Achievements. I mean, I remember Gears 1 had achievements you could only get by being player two in a co-op game.

#6 Posted by Chocobodude3 (1295 posts) -
@MistressPanda: If you watched the DeathSpank Quick look EX. It say's that achievement's are only for player 1

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